A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism

A multi-purpose reference paintings which may still turn into an imperative better half for anyone who comes into contact with Hinduism. contains a dictionary of Sanskrit and vernacular phrases; a thesaurus of phrases and ideas; and a survey of the old improvement of Hinduism.

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He's reputed to INTRODUCTION ninety nine have based the Daśanāmī Order of which nonetheless exists and has 4 monastic centres of studying whose heads carry the identify of . śānti peace, tranquillity; frequently used on the finish of non secular treatises as an invocation; a ritual for fighting sickness. śarīra (physical) physique; physically relics after cremation. śāsana a self-discipline; a collection of ideas; a educating culture. śāstra rule, treatise, textbook; post-Vedic compilatory works on conventional wisdom, specifically with admire to social lifestyles, customs and legislation. Śatapatha the longest and most vital priestly e-book which belongs to VS of the YV. śauca purity; detoxing oneself from defilements; uprightness, honesty; one of many yoga. niyamas in Patañjali’s (‘remainder’) the cosmic serpent, referred to as additionally Ananta and symbolizing eternity, or suspended time, on whom sleeps in the course of the cosmic evening among the final dissolution of the universe and its new manifestation. His coils are meant to signify the ceaselessly repetitive cycles of time. śikhara temple tower erected over the internal sanctuary containing the effigy of the god. śiśna the male organ of new release. Śiśnadeva the deity of the erect male organ. student, disciple; student. śiva auspicious, gracious; a propitiatory epithet of the Vedic god Rudra, (cf. RV 2, 33), who most likely merged with a robust indigenous deity (the ‘proto-Śiva’ of Harappan civilization) and different impacts, together with tribal ones, to develop into the complicated god Śiva. Śiva the Lord of creatures and of the artistic cosmic strength symbolized through the , and of the non secular mastery of fact epitomized through yoga. His is usually consultant of the cosmic pillar, the axis mundi. In Brahminic theology he's the 3rd member of the divine Trinity (Trimūrti) as God Destroyer represented through his shape as . His sectarian fans regard him as exact with the transcendent brahman in addition to being the top God and ruler of production. His spouse and śakti was once initially Umā, yet she has many types or incarnations, the main widespread one being Pārvatī who appears to be like with him in lots of mythological tales. His weapon and logo is the trident (triśūla) and his motor vehicle is Nandi, the bull, either recognized from medieval icons and primary obvious with him on cash. In mythology, that's foreshadowed additionally within the Vedas, he by myself was once immortal one of the gods earlier than was once received via them and he, as a result, may perhaps drink the poison produced throughout the churning of the cosmic ocean and rescue the opposite gods and the realm, a feat which brought on his throat to turn into blue. Śivānanda (1887–1963) initially a physician, he turned a wandering yogi on the age of forty and based an āśram in 1932 in Rishikesh. He wrote a variety of renowned treatises at the perform of yoga and on Hindu spiritual philosophy and had students around the international. He succeeded fairly in 100 a favored DICTIONARY OF HINDUISM propagating a delicate kind of Hatha Yoga perform. His Divine existence Society, based in 1936, reached its top within the sixties and seventies, yet has declined a bit of seeing that then.

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