Collapse, Volume 4: Concept Horror (May 2008)

Cave in quantity IV: 'Concept Horror' is now on hand on the market on-line. This quantity is released as a constrained version of a thousand copies only.

Contributors to the quantity comprise: Kristen Alvanson, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Iain Hamilton furnish, Graham Harman, Michel Houellebecq, Oleg Kulik, Thomas Ligotti, Quentin Meillassoux, China Miéville, Reza Negarestani, Benjamin Noys, Rafani, Steven Shearer, George Sieg, Eugene Thacker, Keith Tilford, Todosch, James Trafford.

Collapse IV incorporates a sequence of investigations through philosophers, writers and artists into proposal Horror. participants tackle the existential, aesthetic, theological and political dimensions of horror, interrogate its unusual affinity with philosophical idea, and discover the horrors that could lie in look ahead to those that pursue rational notion past the boundaries of the moderate. This specified quantity keeps Collapse's pursuit of indisciplinary miscegenation, the wide-ranging contributions interacting to supply universal topics and suggestive connections. within the technique a wealthy and compelling case emerges for the intimate bond among horror and philosophical thought.

Full Contents:

Robin Mackay - Editorial advent (Downloadable as PDF)

George Sieg - limitless Regress into Self-Referential Horror: The Gnosis of the Victim

Eugene Thacker - 9 Disputations on Theology and Horror

Rafani - Czech Forest

China Miéville - M. R. James and the Quantum Vampire: bizarre; Hauntological: as opposed to and/or and and/or or?

Reza Negarestani - The Corpse Bride: pondering with Nigredo

Jake and Dinos Chapman - i will be able to See

Michel Houellebecq - Poems

James Trafford - The Shadow of a Puppet Dance: Metzinger, Ligotti and the semblance of Selfhood

Thomas Ligotti / Oleg Kulik - pondering Horror / 'Memento Mori' - useless Monkeys

Quentin Meillassoux - Spectral Dilemma

Benjamin Noys - Horror Temporis

Iain Hamilton furnish / Todosch - Being and Slime: the maths of Protoplasm in Lorenz Oken's 'Physio-Philosophy' / Drawings

Steven Shearer - Poems

Graham Harman / Keith Tilford - at the Horror of Phenomenology: Lovecraft and Husserl /
Singular Agitations and a standard Vertigo

Kristen Alvanson - Arbor Deformia

Notes on participants and Acknowledgements

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