Comradely Greetings: The Prison Letters of Nadya and Slavoj

Why i go on starvation Strike: An Open Letter On Monday, September 23, i'm pointing out a starvation strike. this is often an severe technique, yet i'm completely confident it truly is my purely recourse within the present state of affairs. The felony wardens refuse to listen to me. yet i cannot backtrack from my calls for. i cannot stay silent, staring at in resignation as my fellow prisoners cave in below slave-like stipulations. I call for that human rights be saw on the criminal. I call for that the legislations be obeyed during this Mordovian camp. I call for we be taken care of like people, no longer slaves. it's been a 12 months seeing that I arrived at Penal Colony No. 14 [PC-14] within the Mordovian village of Partsa. because the girls convicts say, “Those who haven’t performed time in Mordovia haven’t performed time in any respect. ” I had heard in regards to the Mordovian criminal camps whereas i used to be nonetheless being held at Pre-Trial penitentiary No.

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