Contemporary Carbene Chemistry

By Michael P. Doyle

Presents the main leading edge ends up in carbene chemistry, environment the root for brand spanking new discoveries and applications

The discovery of solid carbenes has reinvigorated carbene chemistry learn, with investigators looking to strengthen carbenes into new invaluable catalysts and ligands. featuring the main leading edge and promising parts of carbene examine during the last decade, this ebook explores newly came upon structural, catalytic, and organometallic points of carbene chemistry, with an emphasis on new and rising man made applications.

Contemporary Carbene Chemistry good points contributions from a global crew of pioneering carbene chemistry researchers. jointly, those authors have highlighted the main fascinating and promising components of research within the box. The e-book is split into parts:

  • Part 1, houses and Reactions of Carbenes, explores new findings on carbene balance, acid-base habit, and catalysis. Carbenic constitution and reactivity are tested in chapters devoted to solid carbenes, carbodicarbenes, carbenes as visitors in supramolecular hosts, tunneling in carbene and oxacarbene reactions, and ultrafast kinetics of carbenes and their excited nation precursors. Theoretical issues are addressed in chapters on computational tools and dynamics utilized to carbene reactions.
  • Part 2, steel Carbenes, is devoted to the substitute dimensions of carbenes, fairly the reactions and catalytic homes of steel carbenes. The authors speak about lithium, rhodium, ruthenium, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, cobalt, and gold.

All the chapters finish with a precis of the present state of affairs, new demanding situations at the horizon, and promising new study instructions. a listing of key stories and proposals for additional interpreting additionally accompanies each chapter.

Each quantity of the Wiley sequence on Reactive Intermediates in Chemistry and Biology makes a speciality of a selected reactive intermediate, supplying a extensive variety of views from major specialists that units the level for brand spanking new functions and extra discoveries.

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