Dinosaurs and Other Reptiles from the Mesozoic of Mexico (Life of the Past)

By Kenneth Carpenter

This review of dinosaur discoveries in Mexico synthesizes present information regarding the geography and setting of the sector through the Mesozoic while it was once the western margin of the traditional continent of Pangea. The publication summarizes study on a number of teams, together with turtles, lepidosauromorphs, plesiosaurs, crocodyliforms, pterosaurs, and final yet now not least, dinosaurs. moreover, chapters specialize in trackways and different hint fossils and on K/P boundary (the Chicxulub crater, underneath the Gulf of Mexico, has been hypothesized because the web site of the boloid influence that killed off the dinosaurs). Dinosaurs and different Reptiles from the Mesozoic of Mexico is an up to date, informative quantity on a space that has no longer been comprehensively defined until eventually now.

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She famous that tooth are extra laterally compressed than different defined Saurornitholestes tooth. Maniraptora indet. Richardoestesia isosceles Sankey, 2001 The checklist of the Maniraptora in Mexico is scarce. the newest discoveries point out that the southern list for this taxon and for dinosaurs in Mexico as a complete is from Chiapas. the fabric comprises a small maxillary the teeth (IHNFG 0537) (Figs. nine. 5C–E) from the Ocozocouatla Formation (Maastrichtian, overdue Cretaceous) (Carbot-Chanona and Rivera-Sylva, 2011). The the teeth indicates the common Richardoestesia isosceles morphology: small, triangular crown, with the mesial border a bit curved; labiolingually flattened and oval in pass part. Small denticles are current on either anterior and posterior carinae (7–9 denticles in keeping with mm, zero. 13–0. 17 mm extensive and zero. 13–0. 2 mm high), nearly uniform in dimension from the bottom to the end of enamel; they're semi-squared suit, with a mild rounded define. Interdenticle areas usually are not current. a hundred and fifty Rivera-Sylva and chippie The coexistence of this taxon with different non-marine vertebrates (turtles and crocodiles) within the Maastrichtian Ocozocoautla Formation increases the life of a terrestrial reference to the southwest of the us. an atmosphere bordered by means of a shallow sea within the principal zone of Chiapas is inferred in the course of the Maastrichtian, reinforcing the former inspiration of a piscivory nutrition in Richardoestesia (Carbot-Chanona and Rivera-Sylva, 2011). nearly 70 million years in the past, the northwest quarter of Chiapas used to be coated via marshes and a shallow sea. This new facts helps this concept for the paleogeography of Mexico throughout the Mesozoic period. A unmarried the teeth from the Cerro del Pueblo Formation was once spoke of Richardoestesia gilmorei through Aguillon-Martinez (2010). Avialae Gauthier, 1986 Enantiornithes Walker, 1981 Alexornis antecedens Brodkorb, 1976 Little is understood approximately Mesozoic birds (avian theropods) in Mexico. the one checklist of an enantiornithid was once present in 1971 by way of Harley J. Garbani and J. Loewe from the los angeles Bocana Roja Formation (Late Cretaceous; Campanian) of Baja California. The specimen, LACM-33213, consisted of a left scapula, left coracoid; correct ulna, left femur and the distal finish of a correct femur, and the suitable tibiotarsus (Brodkorb, 1976). A distal fragment of the left humerus was once additionally amassed with the holotype yet was once made a paratype, even though it used to be catalogued with an analogous quantity. Like different individuals of the Enantiornithes, the articular surfaces at the scapula and coracoid are “reversed” in comparison with the found in Neornithines. As many Mesozoic birds, Alexornis was once firstly given its personal taxonomic “family” (Alexornithidae), and later authors additionally gave it its personal eponymous “order” (Alexornithiformes). a few authors have lately used those names for extra inclusive subgroups of Enantiornithes, and Kurochkin (1996) has argued that Alexornithidae should still comprise Alexornis and poorly identified enantiornithines from Uzbekistan, Sazavis prisca and Kizylkumavis cretacea.

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