Fasti (Penguin Classics)

By Ovid, Roger D. Woodard

Written after he have been banished to the Black Sea urban of Tomis by way of Emperor Augustus, the Fasti is Ovid's final significant poetic paintings. either a calendar of day-by-day rituals and a witty series of reports acknowledged in various types, it weaves jointly stories of gods and voters jointly to discover Rome's historical past, non secular ideals and traditions. it will possibly even be learn as a refined yet strong political manifesto which derides Augustus' makes an attempt to manage his matters via implementing his personal mythology upon them: after celebrating the emperor as a Jupiter-on-earth, for instance, Ovid intentionally juxtaposes a narrative exhibiting the king of the gods as a savage rapist. ceaselessly playful, this can be additionally a piece of integrity and braveness, and a great climax to the lifetime of one in every of Rome's maximum writers.

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PANTHEON 27. SAEPTA JULIA a. PORTICUS ARGONAUTARUM b. PORTICUS MELEAGRI c. DIRIBITORIUM 28. Temples of Isis and Serapis 29. BATHS OF AGRIPPA 30. Theatre of Pompey a. Temple of Venus Victrix b. Theatre c. Porticus d. Republican Victory temples 31. Porticus Minucia Vetus enclosing the Temple of Lares Permarini (conjectural identity of either porticus and temple) 32. Theatre of Balbus with cryptoporticus 33. Temple of Mars (or Neptune? – conjectural identity) 34. Temple of Hercules Custos (location at west finish of Circus doubtful) 35. Temple of Castor and Pollux 36. Temple of Neptune (location on Circus doubtful) 37. Circus Flaminius 38. PORTICUS PHILIPPI enclosing the TEMPLE OF HERCULES MUSARUM 39. PORTICUS OCTAVIAE enclosing a. Temple of Juno Regina b. Temple of Jupiter Stator forty. Temples of Apollo Sosianus (west) and Bellona (east) forty-one. Tarpeian Rock forty two. discussion board Holitorium forty three. THEATRE OF MARCELLUS forty four. Republican temples of Janus, Juno Sospita and Spes (assignment of names to temples conjectural) forty five. Temple of Vedjovis (identified as Jupiter in Fasti, its place on Tiber Island is doubtful) forty six. Temple of Aesculapius forty seven. discussion board Romanum forty eight. Temple of Saturn forty nine. BASILICA JULIA 50. Temple of Castor (and Pollux) fifty one. Temple of Vesta fifty two. residence of the Vestals fifty three. Temple of Jupiter Stator fifty four. TEMPLE OF DIVUS JULIUS fifty five. ARCH OF AUGUSTUS fifty six. PORTICUS JULIA and PORTICUS GAII ET LUCII fifty seven. Regia fifty eight. BASILICA AEMILIA fifty nine. CURIA 60. CHALCIDICUM sixty one. discussion board OF AUGUSTUS enclosing TEMPLE OF MARS ULTOR sixty two. discussion board OF JULIUS CAESAR enclosing the TEMPLE OF VENUS GENETRIX sixty three. Clivus Argentarius to the Comitium sixty four. Temple of Janus Geminus (location doubtful) sixty five. Arx sixty six. Temple of Juno Moneta sixty seven. TEMPLE OF CONCORDIA sixty eight. ROSTRA and GOLDEN MILESTONE sixty nine. Porticus Deorum Consentium 70. Tabularium seventy one. Temple of Vedjovis seventy two. Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus seventy three. Attendant temples of JUPITER TONANS, Fortuna Primigenia, Mens, Fides and Ops seventy four. discussion board Boarium seventy five. Temples of Fortuna and Mater Matuta seventy six. Temple of Portunus seventy seven. Ara Maxima (location doubtful) seventy eight. TEMPLE OF CYBELE (Magna Mater) seventy nine. TEMPLE OF VICTORIA eighty. ‘HOUSE OF LIVIA’ (north) and residence OF AUGUSTUS (south) eighty one. TEMPLE OF PALATINE APOLLO eighty two. LIBRARY OF PALATINE APOLLO eighty three. Lupercal eighty four. Scalae Caci and Casa Romuli eighty five. Circus Maximus 86. Temple of Hercules Victor 87. Temple of Ceres, Liber and Libera 88. Temple of Hercules Invictus (conjectural identity) 89. Temple of Minerva ninety. Temple of Diana ninety one. TEMPLE OF JUNO REGINA (location doubtful) ninety two. Temple of Serapis ninety three. Temple of Semo Sancus Dius Fidius (location doubtful) ninety four. corridor of Liberty A. PONS AGRIPPAE B. PONS FABRICIUS C. Pons Cestius D. Pons Aemilius E. Pons Sublicius advent 1. Ovid’s lifestyles and Poetry I. In advert eight Ovid was once Rome’s such a lot distinctive residing poet. Virgil and Horace have been lengthy useless and Ovid’s poetic success fantastic, lauded and wide: a number of books of erotic verse, a tragedy, a fifteen-book epic, an unfinished poem at the Roman calendar, Fasti.

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