From Chaos Born (In Her Name, Book 7)

By Michael R. Hicks

For lengthy a long time, the Kreelan race has been governed via battle. in simple terms the monks and priestesses of the traditional martial orders have avoided the utter destruction in their variety. yet a newly arisen ruler, the darkish Queen, seeks to ruin the ages-old equilibrium. All that stands ahead of her is a baby of prophecy, a baby destined to unite their race. a baby the darkish Queen needs to kill at any cost...

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The aged builder nodded, her surprisingly formed face expressionless within the shadow of her hood. “We can create what we require from the blood-soaked flooring, if want be. ” The outdated builder spoke with a wierd accessory that few outsiders may have well-known as having its roots in Ka’i-Nur. “And such isn't really faraway from the reality. ” “The different developers haven't puzzled you? ” The builder shook her head. “No. They worry us, as they need to. we are going to purely require them for certain…non-critical issues. the $64000 parts of the guns can be created and regulated via us. you've what you want. ” Syr-Nagath made a quiet huff of leisure. She wanted a truly good deal, way over the previous builder may be able to think. “How quickly will the typhoon move? ” “The astrologers inform me that the solar will go back to us by way of mid-morning the following day. we will be prepared then, and will probably be ready on your command. ” “Very good. ” With a nod, she brushed off the builder, who saluted and left. Turning to her First, Syr-Nagath requested, “There is but no signal of him? ” the 1st, who knelt at the ground, shook her head. “No, my queen. i haven't acquired a unmarried document approximately Kunan-Lohr. ” She paused, keen herself to strength out the phrases, fearing the queen’s response. Syr-Nagath were drastically displeased whilst the 1st had informed her that she believed the riders had failed. they'd now not killed Kunan-Lohr or the kid. “He has disappeared. ” “He is the following, someplace. ” Syr-Nagath struggled to regulate the craze that was once development inside her. She used to be convinced that the Desh-Ka acolyte may perhaps kill the kid and Ulana-Tath. yet Kunan-Lohr’s break out had vexed her. He wouldn't be handled so simply. She may have used an identical ritual on one among Kunan-Lohr’s senior warriors as she had at the acolyte to realize info, to manage one that may well experience him. yet those that have been closest to him in blood have been all girl, and the bond could in basic terms paintings at the contrary intercourse. Torture was once an alternative, yet she doubted that any of his warriors could succumb to such primitive tools prior to committing ritual suicide. “Keel-A’ar hasn't ever been mastered through a idiot, and he may cause loads of mischief until we discover him. And quick. ” Syr-Nagath flicked a hand towards the entryway, disregarding her First. “Go now, and don't go back to me until eventually he has been stumbled on. ” the 1st bowed and saluted earlier than fleeing from the queen’s chambers. looking at out into the wet gloom, the darkish Queen slowly raked the talons of 1 hand alongside her contrary forearm, drawing stripes of blood that dripped to the ground. * * * Eil’an-Kuhr seemed out over the encampment, giving because of the celebrities she couldn't see they'd been graced with a typhoon tonight. The fires that commonly burned within the encampments of either armies have been absent, and the soldiers huddled jointly in silent distress because the relax rain poured down. the 3 warriors who had come disguised as developers to convey Kunan-Lohr’s instructions have been now in ill-fitting armor that have been taken from the useless.

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