By A. R. Ammons

"Glare is a high-energy, relentlessly self-aware collision with the full of life."—Albert Mobilio, Salon a great lengthy poem via the modern grasp of the shape, Glare includes sections, "Strip" and "Scat Scan." The poem demonstrates, over again, why A. R. Ammons's poetic voice is a countrywide treasure: via turns cosmic, self-inflating, self-deflating, eloquent, intimate, bawdy, comedian, precise—and continuously unmistakably his personal.

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She frowned (this is my grandmother poem) and my intercourse schooling used to be off to the races: good, there have been different difficulties, too: for instance, i discovered via workout of my eleven- or 12-year-old sexual rights that my glans penis wasn’t freed from the outside which saved tearing a bit now and then and getting sore: intercourse used to be in these days a mystery, anything that by no means occurred: I lived with my sore penis all through Sunday university with out one to inform approximately it to: however it got here free all on its own and during use gave me in time one great having a look factor, if i have to say so myself: very nice: I suggest, excellent: now not relatively as giant as wanted yet however a substantial attention: I wouldn’t take whatever for it and wouldn’t have then, both, grandma or now not: it labored out wonderful: this is often most likely the start of my confessional part: you spot, i'm simply as lowdown strong for not anything as you're, 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durable: the adaptation, already famous, seen: outdated molly hare whacha doin there runnin thoo the cotton patch not easy as you could tear previous molly hare whacha doin there runnin thoo the cotton patch fartin like a undergo I don’t comprehend who holds the copyright on that: my father used to sing it: a peanut is a pea, now not a nut: and the adaptation among a watermelon and a candy pee is, you keep in mind, twenty mins: different names for peanuts are groundpeas and penders: additionally, in case you slip right into a low position, you haven’t had a long way to climb: arch up: an undistinguished putting conforms extra approximately to the truth precept: the excellence that lifts you above the lucky draws bullets and clay-makers and cash whose fluidity dissolves facilities: lie (lay) low: frugality places you above others (and with ease less than your assets) yet pursuits few: not often a person resents or wishes frugality fifty five if I say I did it, did I do it or did another 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virtually greater to have someone to don't have anything with than have no one to have whatever with: the price of items slides: invoice Gates most likely can take a seat between home windows and think colors, not anything on this planet his funds can’t cheapen: while the hungry baby seeing the dipper spill into his bowl is aware the world’s darkish deliciousness: you could die starved from an excessive amount of as from too little yet let’s vote precautionarily for an excessive amount of fall is the following: crows are up within the air, like leaves: they arouse clusters of argument, squalling out speedy turns and dipping fluttery as if shot: the wind loosens crows and leaves, I suggest, and nuts hit the flooring and water jiggles within the brooks back: do you take care of these tightly woven, gutter-rutted, stone-thick, unutterable poems artifice units up to stall the brain: good, I frequently do: overdone, it will get humorous although: a travel scuttle fifty seven stars, too, are 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