Hatha Yoga Asanas: Pocket Guide for Personal Practice: More than 150 asanas!

By Daniel DiTuro, Ingrid Yang


Finally, an easy-to-use quick-reference advisor that captures the sweetness and essence of hatha yoga itself.

Hatha Yoga Asanas: Pocket consultant for private Practice beneficial properties full-color pictures, uncomplicated flow cues, the English and Sanskrit names, and hassle scores for over one hundred fifty poses, together with these

Bound angle






Crescent lunge


Dancer I

Downward-facing dog

Forward bend


Half moon


Intense aspect stretch

Lord of the fishes



Shoulder stand

Side angle




Upward-facing dog



Simple, beautiful, and handy, Hatha Yoga Asanas: Pocket consultant for private Practice is the single reference each practitioner and teacher may still own.

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One zero five) 1  Catch carry of again leg with either palms. 2  Extend leg towards flooring, backbending. Repeat on different aspect. Hero Virasana trouble point four commence place Kneeling (p. eighty one) 1  Separate ft and sit down hips to flooring among ft. Hero, Reclining Supta Virasana hassle point four commence place Hero (p. seventy four) 1  Walk elbows again until eventually reclining. 2  Extend hands overhead. Heron Krounchasana trouble point five commence place Hero (p. seventy four) 1  Extend correct leg and wrap either fingers round correct foot. 2  Lift correct leg towards head. Repeat on different aspect. Horse Face Vatayanasana hassle point 7 begin place Kneeling (p. eighty one) 1  Rotate left leg into lotus. 2  Push as much as stability on correct foot and left knee. 3  Thread left arm below correct and fasten hands. Repeat on different part. prone airplane Purvottanasana hassle point four commence place employees (p. 139) 1  Walk palms again, arms pointing towards take a seat bones. 2  With palms less than shoulders, press hips upward and feet to ground. 3  Hang head again or maintain chin tucked to chest. extreme Three-Limb Stretch Trianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana hassle point 6 commence place Hero (p. seventy four) 1  Extend correct leg ahead. 2  Fold ahead over correct leg and bind fingers. Repeat on different facet. Inverted employees, One Leg Eka Pada Viparita Dandasana hassle point 7 begin place Wheel, complete (p. 154) 1  Walk elbows to ground and interlace arms. 2  Walk ft ahead to straighten legs. 3  Extend one leg up. Repeat on different part. Kneeling Vajrasana trouble point 1 begin place Kneeling 1  While kneeling, sit down on heels. Leg carry, prolonged Urdhva Prasarita Padasana trouble point 2 begin place Reclining on again 1  Extend hands overhead. 2  Lift legs until eventually toes are above hips. Leg elevate, facet Reclining Anantasana hassle point four commence place Reclining on left facet 1  Bend left arm and position hand less than head. 2  Curl first correct arms round correct tremendous toe and expand correct leg up. Repeat on different part. Lion Simhasana hassle point 2 begin place Kneeling (p. eighty one) 1  Cross ankles and take a seat on heels. 2  Hold knees with palms and exhale via mouth, protruding tongue. Locust Salabhasana trouble point three begin place Cobra, part (p. 21) 1  Extend fingers along physique. 2  Lift thighs and chest off ground and expand feet again. having a look inside of Sanmukhi Mudra trouble point three commence place Lotus, seated (p. ninety) 1  Cover eyes with hands and raise elbows so that they are point with shoulders. 2  Place thumbs over ear holes. Lord of the Fishes, part Ardha Matsyendrasana hassle point three begin place effortless sitting (p. forty-one) 1  Step correct foot in entrance of bent left knee. 2  Hook left elbow outdoor of correct thigh, preserving take a seat bones on ground. 3  Twist, glance over left shoulder, and clasp correct wrist in left hand. Repeat on different facet. Lotus, Handstand Padma Adho Mukha Vrksasana trouble point eight commence place Handstand (p. sixty seven) 1  Bend legs into lotus, staying in hand stability, and reduce knees to hip peak.

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