Hendrix. Are You Experienced? the Complete, Authoritative Transcriptions for Guitar, Bass, and Drums With Performance Notes and Rare Photographs for Each Composition

By Jimi Hendrix

Experiment of the entire unique ebook of entire authoritative transcriptions for guitar, vocals, bass and drums of the 1st american realease of "are you experienced?"
This is the respectable e-book of transcriptions released by means of Bella Godiva song Inc.
It comprise all of the first unencumber album:

01-Purple Haze
02-Manic melancholy
03-Hey Joe
04-Love or confusion
05-May this be love
06-I don't dwell this day
07-The wind cries Mary
09-Third stone from the solar
10-Foxey woman
11-Are you skilled ?

It contain Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Drums. All songs and tools are in pdf layout in differents documents for every track and tools. There's additionally covers, a few infrequent images and notation legend.

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RrJ-> rJrr. year )> o Rim Rim -/i = a loose time L? -! J = x loose time TFast fills (toms and Cym. )(singleand double stroke) HEY J(OE phrases and song bv BILLY ROBERTS H. H. Ist4l Verse I v I I f,_ rJr r3--t rJl rJ- t1 l, r-3- rJr I r-3 - t rJr r Jr r Jr i l,- ù4 r3-'t -J -r.? l rJr r8r -3-r r.? irJr r3--] r3r LR R LR LL rJ-r rJ-r rJr Copyright @ 1962by 3rd tale track, INC. This arrangementO 1989by 3rd tale lt{USIC, INC. overseas Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved t4l -1 r-J---l -Ji -J r-3--l r-Ji rJ- r-J-- rJr r-3-'-t r-J-r > r-3-1 r-J--r press rJr RLRRLRLL > >> Guitar Solo +f È"ri,-. ri è"ri. -. r-iÈ. r i r-. ri Èà==à= rJr 73-r3-t -,3-t rJi r-Ji Èr- r. r i ,-. ri r-3 -t r42 r-3-r è. r- r-J-r >> t-J=r r--J-1 2nd Verse r34 r? -t rJ- r-J- r-ai i. r-r rai rJr i Jr ra-r r3r r-r-r -;-- p-;1 fri? r -21 -! r3 -'rr- >>> a ---| a r-. t À - +;"-ÈgÈ. rrÈ.? _ r3r r. TrrJr >> >> >> 143 L(ED\I/E(EDRC(EDNFI,Sr(EDN lVords and track through JIMI HENDRIX * =$T, ruGe average Rook J = Guitar lrûrodnction Drum Solo H. H. I O = Crash Ist Verse tuvit journey H. H. > r Jr Copyright @ 1967 through BELLA GODIVA tune, INC. This association @ 1989 through BELLA GODIVA song, INC. All rights managed and administered through Don williams tune crew, Inc. All Rights Reserved overseas Copyright Secured a hundred and forty four r Jr > x=crash/ride =, Jà___-.? >= J three >>>>>>>> Guitar Solo one hundred forty five =Æ r-3-- > - J- third Verse > f-J--1 r3-r > Cvm. j> rJ- r8r > 1-J1 (pg 1, bat four) )-= r46 = -:- I rJr rJ . t > n,lAY TIIII5 IDE L(O\7E lVords and song via |IMI HENDRIX average Rock creation J =roo Ist Yerse A (Guitar cue)Q (SnaresOff)---=--3 x =HiHat Rivit tl = journey = Crash a tune, INC. Copyright @ 1967 by means of BELLA GODM T h is a r r a n g e m e n t O 1 989 through B E LLA GOD IV A MU S IC , IN C . Àll r ie h ts co n tr o lle d a n d a d m ini stered bv D on l V i l l i ams Musi c crew, Inc. - \ll Rig h ts Re se n ' e d Internati onal C opvri ght S ecured 147 3rd Verse- 148 =--= >_>>> > Éê> - loose Time ,6t (Let cym ring) ^= > 149 I D(EDN'I RockJ = 112 average advent Drum Solo LI\7E ÎCDDAT phrases and track by means of |IMI HENDRIX - -; - lst Verse journey Cym. PleaseNote: Overdubnot prâctical,thereforeomitted. r50 Copyright @1967by BELLA GODIVA song, INC. This arrangementO 1989by BELLA GODIVA tune, INC. All rights managed and administered via Don Williams tune team, Inc. All Rights Reserved overseas Copyright Secured t= J = t > >. ? 151 Tempo1)= i f' 2\ (Guitar cue) Guitar And Voice (Free time) advert Lib advert Lib PIay four advert Lib Pky sixteen *At this element. mitch. in provises In ftee time, as a result of complexlty of penning this improvisation In time, I lnclude I'hebasicrhvthms approx. after they take place. The participant may still use ihem as â consultant and advert lib, keepingin m. indMitcÉ Miicheilrsstyle of imprdvisation. r52 THE I'VIND GRTES n,lARY phrases and track by means of fIMI HENDRIX reasonably sluggish Rock J = eighty advent lst Verse > r-Jr t (H.

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