Illustrated Light on Yoga

By B. K. S. Iyengar

The definitive paintings through B.K.S. Iyengar, the area s most precious yoga teacher.

B.K.S. Iyengar has dedicated his existence to the perform and learn of yoga. It was once B.K.S. Iyengar s exact educating variety, bringing precision and readability to the perform, in addition to a approach of yoga for all , which has made it into the global phenomenon it's today.

gentle on Yoga is largely referred to as the bible of yoga and has served because the resource ebook for generations of yoga scholars all over the world. it's the vintage textual content for all severe scholars of yoga.

B.K.S. Iyengar s personal photo-illustrated, step by step courses to each yoga routine.
Week-by-week improvement plan with a complete of three hundred weeks to permit slow development from amateur to complex technique.
B.K.S. Iyengar s special and encouraged advisor to Pranayama yoga respiring techniques.
B.K.S. Iyengar s yoga philosophy for all times and an creation to the non secular points of yoga.
Yoga sequences and asanas to assist heal quite a number particular health problems and conditions.

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12 com pletes one cycle of Ujjayi PraE:\ayama. H . Repeat the cycles for 5 to len min utes maintaining the eyes dosed all through. 15. Lie at the flooring for Sa vas ana , (pla te 146) sixteen. Ujjayi PraJ:layam a will be performed wit hou t the Jal. mdh ara Bandha even whereas wa lking Of mendacity down. this can be the o nly pra{\Ayama which might be do ne normally of the day and nigh t. S9\ Siirya Bhedana Prii~ iiyiima 51lrya is tht solar. Bhtdana is dnivt'd from Iht' root bhid mt'flning to pirrct . to brtllk or go through . I" SUryd Bh~ana Pnb,aydrna, tM brtalh is inhaltd via tht righl "ostril . 1" atht r u. 'Ords tht prd"a passes th roug h tht Pingdla or Silryll nddi. A kumbhllla1 is tht" ptrfo rmtd llnd tht brtllth is thtn txhaltd via tht Itft nose that is the pdth of thi Jdd nd4f. TE CHNIQ U E 1. take a seat in any com fortable positio n like Padmasana (Plate 53), Sidd hasa na (Plate 38) or vtrasane (Plate 43). z. maintain the again erect and inflexible . decrease the h ead to the trunk. relaxation the ch in within the notch among the collar-bone s simply abo ve th e breast-bone . (This is Jalandhara Bandha . ) three. Stretch the left arm. relaxation the again of the left wrist at the left knee . practice JMna with the lef ha nd (as acknowledged in level three of the means of Ujjayi). . A. Bend the best arm on the elbow. Bend the index and heart fmgers in the direction of the pa lm, kee ping them passive. carry the hoop and little arms tow ard s the th umb. (Plale 148) P r d'. I d y dm a one hundred twenty five 12. Keepi ng the correct nos tril thoroughly blocked , open the left nose pa rtially and exha le th tough it slowly and deeply (rechaka). thirteen. Duri ng the exhala tion regu past due the rhythmic circulation of air from the left nose through adj usti ng pressu re with the hoop and little palms. in order that th e periphery of the left no stril is saved para llel to the se p tum. The strain shou ld be exerted from the inne r aspects of the end s of the arms (away from the nails). 14. This completes one cycle of Sc rya Bhedana Pral)ayam a . Con tinue with mo re cycles at a stretch from five to to mins, in line with capability . 15. the entire inhalation s in Surya Bhedana are from the suitable nost ril and all of the exha lations from the left nos tril. S. position definitely the right thum b at the correct aspect of the nostril jus t lower than the na sal bone, the hoop and little palms o n the left aspect of the. nostril simply be low the nasal bone, simply abo ve the cu rve of the fatt y tissue of the nos trils above the upp er jaw . 6. Press the hoop and th e little finger to dam the left part of the nostril thoroughly. 7. With the best thu mb, press the fatt y tissue at the correct part so that it will make the periphery o f the precise nos tril pa rallel to the klwer facet o f the cartilage of the septum. eight. the fitting thu mb is be nt on the best joint and the top of the th umb is positioned at a correct attitude to the se p tum . (Plate 149) nine. Now inha le slowly a nd deeply controlling the aperture of the perfect nose with the top of the thu mb closer the nail. Fill the lun gs to the br im (puraka). 10. Then block the best nost ril so th at either at the moment are blocked .

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