Intermediate Algebra (12th Edition)

By Marvin L. Bittinger

The Bittinger Worktext Series recognizes that math hasn’t replaced, yet students–and the best way they examine math–have. This most recent version keeps the Bittinger culture of objective-based, guided studying, whereas additionally integrating well timed updates to the confirmed pedagogy. This variation has a better emphasis on guided studying and supporting scholars get the main out of all the assets to be had, together with new cellular studying assets, no matter if in a standard lecture, hybrid, lab-based, or on-line course.

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Divide. 39. To multiply or divide actual numbers: 1. Multiply or divide absolutely the values. 2. If the indicators are an analogous, then the answer's optimistic. three. If the indicators are varied, then the answer's destructive. Do workouts 39–42. -28 -14 forty. a hundred twenty five , 1-52 forty-one. -75 25 forty two. -4. 2 , 1-212 except department by way of 0 we won't divide a nonzero quantity n by means of 0. through the definition of department, n>0 will be a few quantity that after increased by means of zero supplies n. but if any quantity is expanded via zero, the result's zero. therefore the single hazard for n will be zero. give some thought to 0>0. we'd say that it truly is five simply because five # zero = zero. we would additionally say that it's -8 simply because -8 # zero = zero. in truth, 0>0 may be any quantity in any respect. So, department through zero doesn't make feel. department by means of zero isn't outlined and isn't attainable. Divide, if attainable. EXAMPLES Divide, if attainable. forty three. eight zero forty four. zero nine forty five. 17 2x - 2x forty six. 3x - 3x x - x 7 zero now not outlined: department by way of zero. 39. zero = zero 7 The quotient is zero simply because zero # 7 = zero. forty. four x - x now not outlined: x - x = zero for any x. 38. locate the reciprocal of every quantity. forty seven. Do workouts 43–46. department and Reciprocals numbers whose product is 1 are referred to as reciprocals (or multiplicative inverses) of one another. houses OF RECIPROCALS each nonzero actual quantity a has a reciprocal (or multiplicative inverse) 1>a. The reciprocal of a good quantity is optimistic. The reciprocal of a destructive quantity is unfavorable. three eight forty nine. 18 forty eight. - four five 50. -4. three fifty one. zero. five solutions 39. 2 forty. -25 forty three. no longer outlined forty-one. -3 forty two. zero. 2 forty four. zero forty five. now not outlined eight five 1 forty six. now not outlined forty seven. forty eight. forty nine. three four 18 1 1 10 50. fifty one. , or , or 2 four. three forty three zero. five R. 2 Operations with actual Numbers 17 EXAMPLES locate the reciprocal of every quantity. fifty two. entire the next desk. quantity contrary (Additive Inverse) 2 three - 2 three three 2 five four five The reciprocal is , simply because # = 1. four five four forty two. eight 1 1 The reciprocal is , simply because eight # = 1. eight eight forty three. - four nine - four five forty-one. RECIPROCAL (Multiplicative Inverse) 2 three forty four. zero. 25 three three 2 The reciprocal is - , simply because - # a - b = 1. 2 three 2 The reciprocal is 1 or four, simply because zero. 25 # four = 1. zero. 25 keep in mind that a bunch and its reciprocal (multiplicative inverse) have a similar signal. don't switch the signal whilst taking the reciprocal of a host. however, while discovering an contrary (additive inverse), swap the signal. three four zero. 25 eight Do workouts 47–52. (Exercises 47–51 are at the previous web page. ) we all know that we will be able to subtract by way of including an contrary, or additive inverse. equally, we will divide by way of multiplying via a reciprocal. -5 zero RECIPROCALS AND department For any actual numbers a and b, b Z zero, a , b = 1 a = a# . b b (To divide, we will be able to multiply by way of the reciprocal of the divisor. ) We occasionally say that we “invert the divisor and multiply. ” Divide by way of multiplying by way of the reciprocal of the divisor. fifty three. - EXAMPLES Divide by way of multiplying via the reciprocal of the divisor. 7 three , four eight 7 12 , a- b fifty four. five 15 fifty five. - fifty six. three , 1-52 eight forty five. 1 three 1 five five , = # = four five four three 12 forty six. 2 four 2 18 nine three , a - b = # a - b = - , or three nine three four 12 2 forty seven. - four 1 , a- b five 10 three “Inverting” the divisor, , and multiplying five five five 1 five , three = - # = 7 7 three 21 Do routines 53–56.

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