Layayoga: The Definitive Guide to the Chakras and Kundalini

By Shyam Sundar Goswami

The main finished consultant to chakra meditation and the traditional religious technological know-how of layayoga ever created. 

• one of many nice works on yoga, on hand for the 1st time within the usa.

• Full-color plates illustrate every one chakra. 

With the transforming into curiosity in strength drugs within the West, the traditional Hindu culture of chakra meditation has turn into more and more very important to either healers and non secular seekers. whereas new to us, the chakras have lengthy been studied within the East, with the non secular technology of layayoga having the profoundest wisdom of those power facilities. the elemental element of layayoga is the arousing of dormant strength in the physique via focus and respiring workouts and the stream of this power in the course of the chakras to accomplish ideal awareness. not like kundalini yoga, which starts off with the reduce chakras and strikes strength upward, layayoga meditation starts off with the Sahasrara, the non secular chakra that crowns the air of mystery, and brings strength all the way down to spiritualize every one chakra in flip. Layayoga has lengthy been seen because the such a lot complete and deeply researched exam of the chakras on hand within the West. Its unique, illustrated examine all the chakras and a few of the meditations and mantras that compliment them makes it a needs to for severe scholars of yoga. 

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It's a layayoga technique. right here, a extra direct time period ‘indriya sangharana’, that's, sense-withdrawal, has been used for pratyahara. there has been an historic type of yoga perform inclusive of prana-apana sangyama, that's, breath-control, and the disjoining of the senses from their gadgets and different strategies (—Kundikopanishad, 24–25). the following, the notice ‘sangshraya’ within the verbal shape and within the destructive feel has been used. to indicate negation it may be developed as ‘asangshraya’ to intend disjoining. a couple of detailed strategy of sensory regulate it's been acknowledged: ‘By the focused brain the senses might be withdrawn from their items and the apana-energy might be drawn upwards into the belly sector and held there’ (—Trishikhibrahmanopanishad, Mantra part, 115). it seems that the opposite apana-action is linked to the method of sense-withdrawal. the following, the time period ‘karana-samaharana’ has been used to intend sense-withdrawal. although, the method of sensory keep an eye on has been elaborated during this demeanour: ‘On the eighteen important issues of the physique, the brain could be targeted, from one aspect to the opposite, with breath-suspension. this is often sensory regulate. The eighteen issues are: (1) large toe, (2) ankle, (3) calf, (4) thigh, (5) anus, (6) genitals, (7) middle, (8) stomach zone, (9) navel, (10) neck, (11) elbow, (12) root of the palate, (13) nostril, (14) eye, (15) area among the eyebrows, (16) brow, (17) knee, and (18) wrist’ (—Trishikhibrahmanopanishad, Mantra part, 129–133). Dattatreya outlined sensory keep an eye on as: ‘The senses clearly are in touch with the items; the withdrawal of the senses from the gadgets by way of the applying of the facility of keep watch over is named sensory regulate’ (Darshanopanishad, 7. 1–2). right here, the method curious about sensory keep watch over has been termed ‘indriya aharana’, that's sense-withdrawal, and this is often to be effected through the well-developed energy of keep watch over. The regulate technique has been extra absolutely defined by way of Dattatreya. He says: ‘According to the method of breath-control, breath will be suspended with focus utilized to the subsequent issues in succession: (1) root of tooth, (2) neck, (3) chest, (4) navel area, (5) zone of Kundali (coiled power), (6) muladhara (intra-coccygeal refined centre), (7) hip, (8) thigh, (9) knee, (10) leg, and (11) monstrous toe. this is often referred to as pratyahara by way of the traditional yogis who have been masters of sensory regulate’ (—Darshanopanishad, 7. 5–9). The techniques enthusiastic about sensory keep watch over are two-fold: breath-suspension and preserving the brain, that's, psychological focus, on yes important issues within the physique in a specific demeanour and order. The focus might be performed besides breath-suspension. it is a very old approach to sensory keep watch over. Dattatreya expounded a better strategy of sensory regulate during which brain is targeted at the diverse refined centres of the physique. this is often the layayoga technique. He says: ‘The yogi should still suppose the swastikasana (auspicious posture) and may be thoroughly immobile; then he should still inhale the atmospheric air and droop the breath.

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