Light on Pranayama : Pranayama Dipika

By B.K.S. Iyengar

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They Pl. 1 nine PL2o The artwork of Sitting in Prii7Jiiyiima PI. z r Pl. 22 PI. 23 sixty nine 70 Lighr an Prtn:aJ�tlma PL24 Pl. 25 are anchored on the best to the collar-bones and shoulders, and on the backside to the pelvis and the hip bone. continue the b ack finn. modify the backbone from the bottom to the head, that's, from the coccyx to the cervical vertebrae. S tretch the spinal column no t purely hom the ccmre, but in addition from lhe left and correct facets besides. 20. maintain the world of the navel passive and perpendicular to the ground. slender the realm of lhe waist through lifting it up on both sides. whilst lifting it up take care no longer t o tighten it. feelings, paniL-ularly worry, reason this region to turn into demanding or tight, which impacts the d i ap hragm and accordingly respiring. whilst this region is passive the brain and the mind remain serene. Then the physique, m ind and mind are united with the Self. 2 1 . In tll. �llsana (Pl. 2 five ) (see mild on Yoga) s velocity is made out of the bas e of the pubis to the navel and the realm there's saved flat. In sitting positions simulate the t�ll. saiU stretch. regularly stretch from the frontal backbone. Stretch all of the approach up from the anus to the pubis, to the navel, to the diaphragm, to the sternum and at last to the h ol low of the collar-bones. I f the pubis collapses, the pur i ty of the sitting posture vanishes and lhe perform loses precision. �'hen the chest is suctched thoroughly the lungs fu nction successfully a nd extra oxygen fl ows into the procedure. Any blockages within the refined chan nel s ( na<;iis) of pranic strength are got rid of and the strength that is drawn in via inhalation flows loose ly th tough the method. As "The A rr of Sitting in PraiJiiyama seventy one the disc of the sunlight emits rays o f mild uniformly in all instructions, so the Self radiates the important strength of the inhaled breath in the entire corners of the lungs while the sternum is definitely lifted and stretched. 22. do not forget that extension cultivates the sphere which brings freedom, freedom brings precision, which in flip creates purity and this results in divine perfection. 23. to determine even if you're sitting competently or nor, a little bend the guidelines of the thumbs and separated hands and press them frivolously, lightly and lightly at the flooring b eside the buttocks. position the nails perpendicularly to the ground (Pis, aspect view 26, from view 27, again view 28). If the forefingers press down too difficult, the pinnacle tilts forwards; if the little palms, then the physique tilts backwards. If the hands of 1 hand press the ground greater than the palms of the ot. her, the physique tilts to the facet the place the strain is extra (Pl. 29) . an excellent bur regular strain at the thumbs, heart and litde palms, and light-weight strain at the different hands retains the physique upright. D o no longer j erk the shoulders or elevate them up whereas urgent the hands. with no lifting the knees, bring up the buttocks just a little from the ground (Pl. 30), ti ghten the bunock muscular tissues, tuck within the rail-bone after which position the buttocks at the flooring. those that can't elevate the buttocks with rhe guidance of the arms can achieve this via putting the arms at the ground as in Pl.

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