Michael Freeman's 101 Top Digital Photography Tips

By Michael Freeman

For the first actual time, well known overseas photographer and writer Michael Freeman unearths all of the insider tricks and secrets and techniques that almost all specialist photographers dont wish you to grasp. Photographers of all ability degrees point-and-shooters, enthusiastic amateurs, or even fellow professionalswill locate lots of precious suggestion drawn from Michael Freemans decades within the box. a hundred and one best electronic images guidance explains the way to use your camera successfully and creatively, and the way to imagine and shoot like a pro seasoned. This e-book will assist you utilize your digicam, whether your assets are limitedcovering every little thing from taking pictures in negative climatic conditions, faking complicated lighting fixtures setups, and capturing for intensity of box, to solving broken documents and organizing your pictures successfully. it's possible you'll be aware of Photoshop inside and outside, but when youre now not utilizing your digicam to the easiest of its skills, youre prone to be disillusioned with the implications. Michael Freemans a hundred and one best electronic images suggestions will ensure you get the absolute best photographs to paintings with within the first position, despite your present ability point.

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Sync wire The digital cable used to attach a digicam and flash. telephoto A photographic lens with an extended focal size that allows far-off items to be enlarged. The drawbacks contain a constrained intensity of box and perspective of view. TIFF (Tagged picture dossier structure) A dossier structure for bitmapped photos. It helps cmyk, rgb and grayscale records with alpha channels, and lab, indexed-color, and it will probably use LZW lossless compression. it truly is now the main prevalent common for good-resolution electronic photographic photos. best lights lighting fixtures from above, precious in product images because it eliminates reflections. TTL (Through The Lens) Describes metering platforms that use the sunshine passing during the lens to judge publicity information. tungsten A steel aspect, used because the filament for lightbulbs, for this reason tungsten lighting fixtures. umbrella In photographic lighting fixtures umbrellas with reflective surfaces are utilized in conjunction with a gentle, with a view to diffuse the beam. white stability A digicam keep an eye on used to stability publicity and colour settings for synthetic lighting fixtures forms. zoom A digicam lens with an adjustable focal size, giving, in influence, a number of lenses in a single. Drawbacks comprise a smaller greatest aperture and elevated distortion over a major lens (one with a set focal length). answer the extent of element in a electronic photo, measured in pixels (e. g. 1,024 by means of 768 pixels), or dots-per-inch (in a halftone snapshot, e. g. 1200 dpi). RGB (Red, eco-friendly, Blue) the first shades of the additive version, utilized in screens and image-editing courses. rim-lighting gentle from the aspect and at the back of an issue which falls at the facet (hence rim) of the topic. ring-flash A lights gadget with a gap within the heart in order that the lens may be put via it, leading to shadow-free photographs. saturation The purity of a colour, going from the lightest tint to the private, so much saturated tone. Ilex_Instant 173 high-low ISO mixing 142-3 highlights 32, 38-9 convalescing 38, a hundred sixty five, 168-9 histograms 12, thirteen, 34-7 keeping a digicam 25, 83-5 I iPhoto 164 ISO 142-143, one hundred fifty, 151, 152, 153, one hundred fifty five Itten, Johannes ninety four Index A ACR’s restoration 38, 39 Adams, Ansel 24 Adobe Photoshop 12, fifty eight, sixty six, seventy six, 164, a hundred and seventy ACR four 166 Auto-align 131 Flipbook 147 uncooked Converter 14 Shadow/Highlight adjustment forty two, forty seven Stack Mode 131, 132, a hundred and forty aligned sequences 131 alignments 110-11 Aperture 12 auto-exposure 15, 25 autofocus 25, seventy four, seventy eight, eighty five, 86 B backlighting forty four, 46-7 backups sixteen, 19, 21 Bauhaus ninety four Bayer clear out array sixty six Bibble 166 black-and-white 66-7 blur seventy six bracketing a hundred thirty browser 21 C digital camera shake seventy four, eighty, 151 candid photographs 25 caption 170-1 seize One four 166 Cartier-Bresson, Henri 10, 15, forty four card reader 20 probability 26 Chien-Chi Chang forty four chilly climate dealing with ninety colour forged fifty four, sixty four fee on machine sixty one distinction sixty two intensity 12 grey 56-7, 60, sixty six metamerism fifty eight impartial aspect fifty six subtlety sixty three 174 Ilex_Instant goal 58-9 temperature 54-5, sixty five unified 64-5 white stability 10, 12, thirteen, 54-7, 60-1, a hundred twenty five ColorChecker fifty eight, 60 composition 10, 15 alignments 110-11 distinction 94-5 curves 102, 106 aspect a hundred and one, 156 diagonals 104-5 dynamic department 98-9 dynamic placement 96-7 Golden part ninety six, ninety eight juxtaposition 10, 112-13 rhythm 108 scale a hundred and one shapes 102 simplicity a hundred triangles 102, 103 vertical framing 107 distinction 32, sixty two, 94-5 crowd-removal sequences 144-5 Curves 14, 143 customizing settings 70 D deconvolution seventy six, seventy eight Dedolight 138 deleting 14, sixteen, 17, 26 intensity of box eighty, 146, 151, a hundred and fifty five, 156, 157 computing device printer 21 aspect a hundred and one, 156 diagonals 104-5 dirt fee seventy one, seventy three DxO Optics professional 14, 19, sixty one, sixty six, 143, 164, 166 dynamic department 98-9 dynamic placement 96-7 dynamic variety 30-3, 38 E EXIF layout 171 EXIFutils 171 publicity 10 auto-exposure 15, 25 backlighting forty four, 46-7 mixing 132-3 bracketing a hundred thirty dynamic diversity 30-3, 38 flash 44-5, forty six, forty eight highlights 38-9 histograms 34-7 key 38, 39, 40-1 layer stacks 138-9, a hundred and forty low-process settings 42-3 portrait lights forty eight product lights 50-1 Expression Media 19, 164, 171 F quickly lenses a hundred and fifty five, 156 Fetch 164 flash 44-5, forty six, forty eight focal size seventy one, eighty, a hundred, 104, 107, 109, 113, 114, a hundred and fifteen, 116, 117 concentration 10 a hundred% sharpness money 74-5 autofocus 25, seventy four, seventy eight, eighty five, 86 deconvolution seventy six, seventy eight guide concentration seventy four, seventy eight, eighty five fairly sharp concentration 78-9, 151 repairing 76-7 scene reputation 70 monitoring 70 FocusMagic seventy six, seventy eight, 164 Fujifilm tremendous CCD SR II 30 G Gestalt idea a hundred Golden part ninety six, ninety eight grey 56-7, 60, sixty six GretagMacbeth ColorChecker fifty eight H Haas, Ernst 109 handheld strategy 151, one hundred fifty five, 158 evening capturing apparatus a hundred and sixty hard disk 21 excessive Dynamic variety (HDR) 32, 38, forty six, a hundred twenty five, a hundred thirty, 132, 134-7 high-key images 38, 39, forty J JPEGs 12, 14, 18, 19, fifty six juxtaposition 10, 112-13 okay key 38, 39, 40-1 key-phrase 170-1 Kodachrome 38, a hundred sixty five L panorama 22, 70, 107, 122 laptops sixty one legislation of Simplicity a hundred layer stacks 138-9, one hundred forty liquid crystal display display 34, sixty one, seventy one, seventy four, 89, 122-3 mild field 50 gentle desk 50-1 mild tent 50-1 Lightroom 12 LightZone 12, sixty six stay preview/live view 25, seventy four neighborhood tonemapping forty two, a hundred sixty five, 168 locked down approach 146, 158 low-key images forty low-light 30, forty four, 109 advert hoc helps 154 aperture 151, a hundred and fifty five cameras and senors one hundred fifty element 156 quick lenses one hundred fifty five, 156 handheld 151, a hundred and fifty five, 158 ISO one hundred fifty, 151, 152, 153, a hundred and fifty five locked down 158 noise capability 153 noise aid 151, 152 priorities 151 shutter pace seventy four, 151, a hundred and fifty five see additionally evening taking pictures low-process settings 42-3 M guide concentration seventy four, seventy eight, eighty five reminiscence playing cards sixteen, 20, a hundred and fifty metamerism fifty eight modem 21 movement blur forty four, seventy four, 109, 151 video clips 147 multi-shot images 14 aligned sequences 131 mixing exposures 132-3 bracketing a hundred thirty crowd-removal sequences 144-5 HDR one hundred thirty, 132, 134-7 high-low ISO mixing 142-3 countless intensity of box 146 layer stacks 138-9, one hundred forty lighting 38-9 video clips 147 noise elimination sequences 140-1 N impartial aspect fifty six evening capturing 151, 157, 158, 159 equipment a hundred and sixty, 161 see additionally low-light Nikon D3 31, forty three Nikon NX 166 nodal element 126-7 noise 30 element and 156 excessive ISO atmosphere one hundred fifty, 151, 152, 156, 157, one hundred sixty high-low ISO mixing 142-3 snapshot dimension 159 low-light images 151, 152 strength 153 relief 151, 152 removing sequences 140-1 shot noise one hundred forty Noise Ninja 164 O Opanda PowerEXIF Editor 171 P panoramas 122-3 permission 27 picture Mechanic 19, 20, 164 Photomatix 14, 132, a hundred and forty, 164 photosites 30, 38 PhotoZoom 164 placement 96-7 portrait lights forty eight preview 25, seventy four processing caption 170-1 key-phrase 170-1 neighborhood tonemapping forty two, one hundred sixty five, 168 software program 18, seventy six, 164 product lighting fixtures 50-1 R uncooked 10, 12, 19, forty two, fifty four, fifty six, sixty one, sixty six, a hundred twenty five, 143 uncooked converters 14, 21, one hundred twenty five, one hundred sixty five, 166-7, 168 DxO Optics seasoned 14, 19, sixty one, sixty six, 143, 164, 166 publicity slider 168 reflectors 30, forty six, forty seven, forty eight, 50 reportage 10, eleven, 15, 22 rhythm 108 S scale one hundred and one scene attractiveness 70 sensors a hundred and fifty, one hundred sixty five cleansing 72-3 shadows 30, 32, 38, forty six, 50 recuperating 38, 168-9 on white fifty six, fifty seven capturing blind 25 shutter unlock eighty four, 86 shutter pace 10, seventy four, eighty, 86, 151, one hundred fifty five situational expertise 22, 23 activities images 12, 15, 70 balance 80-5, 151 advert hoc helps 154 Stitcher 164 sewing one hundred twenty massive pictures 121 mixing 124, a hundred twenty five constant settings a hundred twenty five nodal element 126-7 overlaps 124 panoramas 122-3, a hundred twenty five levels 124 highway images 10, 22 T telephoto lens 112, 114, one hundred fifteen, 117, 121, 146 temperature ninety, ninety one TIFFs 12, 18, fifty six tripod 87, 88, 121, 123, 126 locked down process 146, 158 evening taking pictures apparatus 158, 161 U Unsharp masks seventy six, seventy eight V vertical framing 107 W weatherproofing 89, ninety one Weston, Edward 24 white stability 10, 12, thirteen, 54-7, one hundred twenty five customized 60 wide-angle lens 15, seventy one, 112, 114, 116, 117, 161 workflow 18-21 Z Zeiss lens a hundred and fifty five Zen 15 zoom 25, 121, one hundred fifty five Ilex_Instant one hundred seventy five Bibliography and important addresses electronic imaging and images professional Photographer’s D-SLR instruction manual Michael Freeman, Lark Books the whole consultant to electronic images, 4th ed.

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