Midget Ninja and Tactical Laxatives: Bizarre Warfare Through the Ages

By Philip Sidnell

Which military used camels disguised as struggle elephants? Which illustrious warlord used to be killed via a midget ninja hidden in his latrine? How did reside cows dropped through the Soviet air strength sink a jap vessel? And simply what sort of weapon was once the Bohemian Ear Spoon? those are only the various very important questions of army heritage replied during this e-book.

‘Midget Ninja and Tactical Laxatives’ is a light-hearted examine one of the most extraordinary incidents, most unearthly guns and strangest stratagems to be present in the annals of battle. Drawn from all sessions of heritage there's something the following for each reader with an curiosity in army heritage and/or a feeling of humor.

Some of the sections integrated:
War Elephants and the way to prevent Them (including the notorious blazing pigs)
Ignominious Deaths (e.g. the midget ninja within the latrine)
A lost experience of Honor (e.g. the sniper who allow George Washington live)
Suicide Missions (e.g. mass suicide as a diversion tactic and a case of self-decapitation)
Weird and lovely guns: (such because the WW2 bat bomb -with actual bats)
Stranger issues ensue at Sea (e.g. million-ton ice ships and loss of life through blocked toilet)
God is on our part (of omens, oracles and the traditional conflict stopped via a UFO)
An military Marches on its abdominal (e.g. the tactical use of laxatives and the Greek military immobilized for three days via hallucinogenic honey)

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