Music for Geeks and Nerds

By Pedro Kroger

Are you curious about studying extra approximately tune yet have came upon such a lot fabric condescending or to give issues magically rather than logically? the good news is that a lot of track could be understood with programming and math, issues you are already strong at! during this booklet you will research a few components of tune from a programmer's point of view. you will know about the primitives of song akin to notes and period, the technique of combining these primitives into factors and chords, operations similar to transposition, retrograde, and inversion, and the technique of abstraction (phrases and shape) utilizing Python and a few simple math. each proposal during this e-book is defined in English with a corresponding implementation in Python, utilizing the Pyknon song library.

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1. 2 Acknowledgments is ebook wouldn't be attainable with out the encouragement of many of us. I’d wish to thank the great folks that took my educational on the 2012 PyCon. e educational was once in keeping with an prior dra of this booklet, and their participation used to be crucial in cleansing the cloth and encouraging me to finish this booklet. I’d prefer to thank Vilson Vieira, Marcos Sampaio, Alexandre Passos, and Tiago Vaz for his or her priceless feedback. eventually, I’d prefer to recognize Mara for her endurance, love, and aid. 1. 2. Acknowledgments three CHAPTER 2 advent to track Notation in n Seconds or much less track notation is either uncomplicated and complicated, no longer not like math notation. during this bankruptcy we’ll examine sufficient track notation to appreciate the examples during this e-book. e first factor to understand approximately tune notation is that point is represented from le to correct whereas pitch is represented from backside to best: As you’d count on, there are symbols to symbolize different issues. e major symbols are the clef, the time signature, the observe head, and the stem, as you'll discover within the following photo: four pitch & forty four œ œ time clef œ œ song for Geeks and Nerds observe head œ 7 &4 œ œ œ œ œ œ stem time signature ? forty four œ œ employees œ œ e time signature indicates what number beats are in a degree and the word & prior picture now we have seven price of the beat. for example, within the beats (represented by way of the quantity 7) of zone notes (represented by way of the quantity 4). evidently, we will subdivide a beat into smaller notice ? B B values (see part observe Value). & † t forty six œ œ œ œ œ œ œ e genuine pitch of a be aware will depend on the location of a be aware head at the staff and the clef getting used. Clefs resolve the matter of cramming eighty+ notes into five traces. ere are 3 sorts of clefs—G-clef, F-clef, and C-clef—and they point out the pitch identify on a specific line. for example, the treble clef (the one utilized in the 2 past pictures) shows that the second one line from the ground has the observe G, whereas the bass clef shows that the fourth line from the ground has the low F word. slower quicker within the following photograph we will be able to see six notes within the similar graphical place within the most sensible staff. simply because every one notice happens aer a different clef, they'll symbolize different pitches. e arrows exhibit the location of every word at the piano, whereas the ground staff indicates the place those notes will be put within the treble clef. e sub- and superscript 8 exhibits word will sound one octave less than or above than written, respectively. & forty six œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œœ & forty two ˙ . & forty four œ p œ œ >œ œ- œ œœœœœ U œ f five œœœ Score pitch [Title] [Title] ranking œ 7 & forty four œ œ œ œ œ œ œ & 4pitchœ œ four œ &4 œ ? forty four œ time clef time œ œ œ & word head 7 œ œœ œ & 4t œ46 œ œ ? œ Bœ œ time signature 6 & four ? four four œ clef song for Geeks and Nerds œ œ œ Bœ word head œ œ œ 7 œ œ & four œ œ stem œ employees stem time signature œ œ œ &œ œ four ? four œ œ & œstaff œ œ & † œ œ œ œ the œhorizontal œ traces connect6 and ? œnumber B œ of beams e notet form B œ œ (the four & † œ œ œ œ within the following ing or extra notes) point out the œnote period.

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