Picture Gallery of Canadian History, Volume 1: Discovery to 1763

By C. W. Jefferys

Historical past academics bear in mind! this is one quantity 1 of my favorite assets for educating Canadian background.

Dr. C. W. Jefferys was once certainly one of Canada's most efficient old artists and his three-volume "Picture Gallery of Canadian History" is perhaps his best-known success. His 1000s of conscientiously researched images of artifacts, humans, areas and episodes from Canadian historical past offer a "treasure residence of knowledge approximately this country's past."

Vol.1 - Discovery to 1900
Vol.2 - 1763 to 1830
Vol.3 - 1839 to 1900

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EFff}-. ··: _~t:::· ~. -·· · .... . ,. __. '' \; . /"' ' ,; ' . : /i 1- ;:.. I ...... 01 00 FRONTENAC as a way to CATARAQUI, 1673 PL. :an of 'Jort in a hundred seventy five four fortress FRONTENAC (KINGSTON) Jort 1r·ontenac 11'\ 1685. Gvacua-tecJ &.. destr-oyed by way of, 'Denonviffe rr. 1669. Restored -by Y. rontenac lh I6:JS: half of ok in! F'ton 7odc. y Jhohlill! J foce,tzon of 7ort 7ront:enac on J'ite ef pre,Jent 7ete J1. 1 Pont: Bz,rraci.. J. -"' zero FRONTENAC JOINS within the battle DANCE MARQUETTE AND JOLIET at the MISSISSIPPI, 1E:73 161 ......... - - - - course or Marquette and Joliet EXPLORATIONS OF MARQUETTE AND JOLIET AND of l. a. SALLE 162 FAlHER HENNEPIN AT NIAGARA FAlLS, 1678 HENNEPIN MEETS DULHUT one of the SIOUX 164 LA SALLE awaiting THE GRIFFON one hundred sixty five LA SALLE at the TORONTO CARRYING-PLACE, AUGUST, 1681, ON HIS method to THE MISSISSIPPI 166 Came io Q. _udec jn 1685' ·u . JUry;on to troops J'tl.! dH~d lli'drrJe -an1maff &_ pfants despatched Sf. ecrmen. F & n:pons io :Acacle~ny. ~ Jc/ence. f . 8t 'P2. ri. r, whicf, JarrJe fllm 21 correspo11oir1J memDef liUDSON DAY) .. rAowing Posts, 7-ortJ over-fand from Canada 2n. d ear! y direction. J o. f :lrencA . , ! / 13~1J - . /lap a! fieJjhDor! loocJ of York.. _ seventy eight. c-torJ 0'1 00 Prince R_upert considered one of tfie £ounder-s of tf. e JfuJson'. t Bay corporation D'IBERVILLE'S DEFEAT OF THE ENGLISH SHIPS IN HUDSON BAY, 1697 169 V16erviffe'. r . rli1p, the Pefrcan, Wrec! (eJ in liuclJon E a J, sixteen nine 7 ....... -. l zero JDierre li;. /1oyn e. - Jieur J'Ibervi! fe HENRY KELSEY SEES THE BUFFALO at the WESTERN PLAINS From cartoon for the unique portray within the ownership of the Hudson's Bay corporation 171 MADELEINE DE VERCHERES DEFENDS HER FATHER'S castle. 1692 From originul portray within the Ar ~ hive. s of CanaJu THE reduction OF fortress VERCHERES MONTMAGNY5 fortress ST. LOlJLS Jtone witf.. ..! 1a. fteJe C,-ou & da. -ce 1647,JiJcovercd < du! 'inj buifding a{ C! iateau Jfafdimond 1784. Probabfy f. a. d been p_faced 011 earfiJ buifdinJ b'f J1on-tmzy"'I . JVow Je-t over 8Tl entrc,nce ~-~='! JI ·to courtroom 'lard oE -t:he Cf. ate3u 7ronten_ac. 9ho-tec. u Jj-- [guM, Quebec , bud't by means of ? _rontenac m 1~94 ':97 Jfe c! teJ Jn Jt In 1698. OccupieJ oy UozJernor.. J untu J8:r1, wflen it was once Dvrr)eJ. Quebec 2>t -th. e begmning of' the 18 zero Cen-tury 'Jro! >l 0ngrovt·'1J Jn fa Potherie'. J JiN·i:o1re CHAT£: AU ~ ,Jf.. SU I TS R((Olt. E"fS ~ C1HtiEDRAL .. J.. . }. . SEMINARy 815HOP'5 PAL~<. E J t 7rontenacs Chateau,8s Compl:eieJ) obvious from t'f-. e ,J't . . (2>-. vrence l7! J:i CENTURY ARTILLERY e:------ Jieavy J ieye Cannon; { ;n,.. ,g forty two pound J! J o t, prepared :for trdr. Jport . 24- pounJer 7iefJ Piece 111 __ _ poJ it i CJ11 . m-u---------~-~ \'lJ:i}E-=~5§~~-c:::~::_,( ~c:J e J1o r'tar £o r tArowir,

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