Politician (Bio of a Space Tyrant, Book 3)

By Piers Anthony

Unique book: 1985


He aroused from sleep in a tiny lightless mobilephone, groping for reminiscence . . . reminiscence that have been erased. wish Hubris, Jupiter governor, revolutionary populist, warrior hero, and presidential candidate . . . a “mem-washed” instrument of the enemy. And if his captors’ plan labored, desire could spoil his personal political occupation, leaving the destiny of his planet within the fingers of its corrupt presidential incumbent—Tocsin.

But desire Hubris had a future to satisfy. He had the crafty to find code phrases which could reactivate his brain . . . the power to withstand habit to their medicines . . . the ability to win the aid of his countrymen, and at last, the braveness to make an agonizing sacrifice that might be sure his planet’s destiny and his personal future . . . 

Tyrant of Jupiter.

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