Polka Heartland: Why the Midwest Loves to Polka

"Polka Heartland" captures the beat that pulses within the center of Midwestern culture--the polka--and bargains up the attention-grabbing heritage of the way "oompah-pah" got here to be the sound of heart the US. From the crowded dance tent at Pulaski Polka Days to an off-the-grid Mexican polka dance in small-town Wisconsin, "Polka Heartland" explores the folks, areas, and heritage at the back of the Midwest's favourite music.

From polka's fabulous foundation tale as a state-of-the-art eu fad to an exploration of the modern day polka scene, writer Rick March and photographer Dick Blau take readers on a pleased romp via this cherished, designated, and richly storied style. "Polka Heartland" describes the artists, venues, tools, and music-makers who've been pivotal to polka's acceptance around the Midwest and gives six full-color photograph galleries to immerse readers in modern vivid polka scene.

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