Sex in Every City: How to Talk Dirty in Every Language

By L. Brook

Does not every thing sound sexier while stated in a international language? Even 'A casa tua o a casa mia?' sounds extra seductive than, 'Your position or mine?' listed here are a hundred and fifty traces and horny words to take advantage of while both making the 1st circulation or indulging in bed room banter with a scorching foreigner.
Whether you are touring in a distinct state or attempting to seduce the hot sizzling foreigner on your category, workplace, or residence development, this is the booklet that might see you thru the courting online game and all these sizzling hook-ups.
From the French model of 'Shut up and kiss me!' to the Spanish translation of 'Oh behave!' to 'I misplaced my virginity, am i able to have yours?' in Danish, you could research the following how you can delicate speak the women in Spain, flirt with the Italian hotties, and get laid in Germany quicker than you could say, 'I do comprehend your name.'
This is the one publication you want to pack on your subsequent holiday.

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Too play a ma / mon pot. SPANISH Mi amigo / amiga te gusta. Mee ah-mee-goh / ah-mee-gah teh goos-tah. ITALIAN Piaci al mio amico / alla mia amica. Peea-chee al mee-o amee-ko / al-la mee-a amee-ka. GERMAN Mein Freund / Meine Freundin hier findet dich sehr horny. Mine froind / Mye-neuh froindin heer findet dish ser attractive. CZECH Líbíš se mému kamarádovi (male good friend) / kamarádce (female friend). Leebeesh seh memoo camaraadovi (male buddy) / camaraadtse (female friend). * * * international intercourse truth In a few elements of recent Guinea pulling someone’s penis is a gesture of goodwill. * * * * * * “All correct, darling? ” FRENCH Ça va, chéri/ chérie? Sa va, sheree? SPANISH ¿Qué tal, cielo? Keh tahl, thee-eh-loh? ITALIAN Va bene, tesoro? Va bay-nay, tay-soro? GERMAN Alles klar, Süße? Al-less klaar, zoo-sser? RUSSIAN Vsio harasho, daragaya (to a lady) / daragoy (to a man)? PORTUGUESE Tudo bem, querida? Toodoo beng, keh-ree-dah? * * * worldwide intercourse truth Fellatio is against the law in fifteen U. S. states. * * * complex PICKUP traces * * * “Have you ever been to the moon? Come and sit down on my rocket and I’ll take you there and again. ” FRENCH Tu n’as jamais été sur l. a. lune? Viens t’asseoir sur ma fusée et on fera l’aller-retour. Too na jamay etay soor los angeles loon? Ve-en tasswoir sur ma foozay ay on fera lallay ruhtour. SPANISH ¿Has estado en l. a. luna? Ven a sentarte en mi cohete, que te doy un viaje de ida y vuelta. Ahs ehs-tah-doh ehn l. a. loo-nah? Behn ah sehn-tahr-teh ehn mee koh-eh-teh, keh teh doh-ee oon bee-ah-heh deh ee-dah ee boo-ehl-tah. ITALIAN Sei mai stata sulla luna? Vieni a sederti sul mio razzo e ti ci porto. Say ma-ee sta-ta sool-la loo-na? Veeay-nee a say-dayr-tee sool mee-o ra-tzo ay tee chee por-to. GERMAN Warst du schon einmal auf dem Mond? Komm und setz dich auf meine Rakete, ich convey dich dorthin und wieder zurück. Varst doo shon ine-mal ouf dem mond? Kom oond units dish ouf mye-neuh racket-euh, ish convey dish dorthin oond veeder tsooroock. * * * “Well, if you’re unlikely to shop for me a drink, i assume a quickie within the parking zone is out of the query? ” FRENCH Bon, si tu refuses de m’offrir un truc à boire, je feel qu’ un p’tit coup dans le parking est hors de query? Bon, see too refuse duh moffrear un trooc a bwoir, juh believe kun p’tee coo don luh parking eh oar duh kesteeon? SPANISH ¡Vaya ¿Si no piensas invitarme a una copa, supongo que un polvo en el aparcamiento tampoco entrará en tus planes? Bah-yah! See noh pee-ehn-sahs een-bee-tahr-meh ah oo-nah koh-pah, soo-pohn-goh keh oon pohl-boh ehn ehl ah-pahr-kah-mee-ehn-toh tahm-poh-koh ehn-trah ehn toos plah-nehs? ITALIAN Beh, se rifiuti di offrirmi qualcosa da bere, suppongo che una sveltina nel parcheggio è fuori discussione? Beh, say ree-fyou-tee dee of-freer-mee kwal-koza da bay-ray, soop-pon-go ke oo-na svayl-tee-na nayl par-kay-jee-o eh foo-o-ree dees-koos-seeo-nay? GERMAN Na, wenn du mir keinen Drink spendierst, ist auch kein Quickie auf dem Parkplatz drin, oder? Na, ven doo meer kine-en drink shpendeerst, ist oukh kine qfuickie ouf dem parkplats drin, oder?

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