Shadows of Treachery (Horus Heresy)

By Christian Dunn

A quick tale assortment at the Horus Heresy

From the battlefields of Phall and Isstvan, to the haunted shadows of Terra itself – the Horus Heresy rages on around the galaxy during this selection of brief tales and novellas.

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DRAMATIS PERSONAE ~ The Primarchs Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists, Praetorian of Terra Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors The VII Legion ‘Imperial Fists’ Sigismund, First Captain Amandus Tyr, Captain, sixth corporation, Commander of the Halcyon Pertinax, Captain, 14th corporation, Commander of the Hammer of Terra Alexis Polux, Captain, 405th corporation, grasp of the Retribution Fleet Raln, Sergeant, 1st Squad, 405th corporation The IV Legion ‘Iron Warriors’ Berossus, Captain, second corporation Golg, Captain, eleventh corporation, Commander of the Contrador Imperial Personae Armina Fel, Senior Astropath Calio Lezzek, The Retribution Fleet’s grasp of Astropaths Halm Basus, Primus of the Tribune ‘True energy is born in soreness. ’ – historic Terran proverb ‘All time is unredeemable. What could have been is an abstraction Remaining a perpetual chance Only in an international of hypothesis. What could have been and what has been Point to at least one finish, that is regularly current. Footfalls echo within the reminiscence Down the passage which we didn't take Towards the door we by no means opened’ – from burnt fragments recovered from the Alba documents, attributed to the traditional poet Elliot ‘We are destiny stories. whilst our flesh is dirt and our desires pale we are going to be ghosts dwelling in a land of legends, made actual simply through the thoughts of others. What we take with us into that realm of the useless, what we're remembered for, that might be the reality of our lives. ’ – Solomon Voss, from the sting of Illumination Prologue The Nightside of Inwit Can I undergo this? My international has develop into a shrinking sphere of chilly darkness. inside of there's in basic terms soreness, past it there's not anything yet hungering evening. i will not see. Ice has pooled in my eye sockets, my tears frozen opposed to my epidermis. i attempt to breathe yet each one sip of air attracts razor edges via my lungs. i can't suppose my palms. Numbness is spreading via me. i believe i'm at the flooring, curled at the ice, my limbs shaking extra slowly with each fading heartbeat. The beast has to be shut. It won’t have given up and it has my blood to stick to. My blood. i have to nonetheless be bleeding. it isn't a wide wound, a fresh puncture via my calf, however it will kill me all of the related. i've got trailed purple around the ice-dunes, attempting to close out the discomfort, attempting to forget about the numbness, attempting to preserve relocating. i've got failed. The chilly is taking me and the beast could have what's left. i will not endure this. i used to be by no means going to be successful. it's not that i am powerful adequate. the realm is popping darkish, the discomfort fading. there's a voice shouting out of the black distance. i attempt to pay attention what the voice is announcing however it is simply too distant. fingers grip my face. discomfort shoots via my head. I scream. arms peel again my eyelids. ‘Alexis, you want to stream. ’ I see a face, surrounded by way of rime-caked fur. The eyes are blue, the blue of glacial ice. Helias. it really is Helias, my brother. he's nonetheless with me. at the back of his face a snowfall fills the starlit sky with spiralling shards of white.

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