Super Giant Monster Time! (Choose Your Own Mind-Fuck Fest #3)

By Jeff Burk

Will you get away the large monsters which are rampaging the fuck from your urban? extraterrestrial beings are invading the Earth and their ray weapons flip humans into violent punk rockers. whilst, town is being overtaken through mammoth monsters harder than Godzilla and Mothra mixed. you could decide to be a lone scientist trapped in a mystery govt lab on a distant island swarming with sizeable killer bugs, a badass punk rock chick with a eco-friendly mohawk stuck in a bar room brawl because the urban is going up in flames round her, or a table jockey pressured to undergo tedious place of work tasks whereas his construction is being attacked by means of a gargantuan centipede with claws the dimensions of activities application cars. Which personality will you develop into? To develop into the scientist, flip to web page 149. To turn into the punk chick, flip to web page eleven. To turn into the workplace drone, flip to web page seventy seven. yet select correctly! you may overcome a fleet of alien saucers with assistance from a high-flying monster-slicing large cat or drown in a massive monster's pool of sperm because it butt-fucks your place of work development. what is going to ensue subsequent? that is as much as you! while the tale hits a fork within the highway, you get to decide on which route to take. The finishing will constantly be diversified reckoning on your judgements. not just that, you could learn this booklet again and again for a brand new adventure at any time when!

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Try and get to the docks to be evacuated, flip to web page 28. pass deeper into the complicated to attempt regaining regulate of the amenities, flip to web page seventy four. 151 You go searching for anything, something, that would get throughout your message. you notice a fl ower store at the nook of the road. You don’t see anything higher round. You lean over and bend your knees. Your fingers are so brief that it really is seen they have been by no means intended to do anything like this. yet with a few attempt you can get your palms/ claws round the fl ower store. You pull the construction from its beginning and raise the shop excessive into air. You carry it towards the helicopters, that are now dangerously shut, in a relaxed gesture. The helicopters forget about your supplying and release missiles at you. The projectiles slam into your physique and explode. The soreness is blinding. You cry out. As you open your mouth, a missile shoots directly in. correct prior to your head explodes from the inside-out, you think that, like the monkey. the top 152 You run, panting and wheezing in the course of the road. on your brain you usually wish to ponder your self just like the super-villain The Kingpin, however the fact of the problem is you're towards John Goodman. Your significant bulk can provide you strength however it doesn't offer you velocity. A gang of fi ve weapon-wielding skinheads chases you. all the pieces of your physique is in soreness. You listen the steel-toed boots speedy gaining. The sky above is now a deep violet. Your mind needs to already be shutting down. you can be fortunate sufficient to black out prior to the skinheads get rather nasty. A lead pipe slams into your again and drives you to the floor. the group circles you and beats you with bats and pipes. You curl up and take a look at to guard your head. you're being pummeled yet you are feeling no ache. They proceed notable and also you nonetheless don’t suppose whatever. You discover your head and instantly an aluminum baseball bat slams into your face. you are feeling not anything. You glance down at your physique. There aren't any wounds and no blood. You smile and rise up. The punks retain at you, yet they can't even scratch you. You seize the nearest punk by means of the pinnacle, one monstrous hand on both sides, and squeeze. His physique begins to convulse and his pores and skin fl ushes deep crimson. His eyes come out and cling from their optic nerves. Blood fl ows freely from the sockets, his nostril, and mouth. you could pay attention a valid like snapping wooden as his cranium supplies approach. Your palms abruptly meet one another, spraying a bath of blood, mind subject, and cranium fragments. the opposite punks again clear of you. Their guns are nonetheless raised. This fi ght isn't over but. you switch round, shaking the viscera off your fingers. You smile at your warring parties. this can be going to be enjoyable. the top 153 you decide the path showing to have much less fi re and smoke. That feels like the more secure selection. You stroll fi ve blocks yet simply see an analogous chaos. What occurred once you have been asleep? You listen a noisy, high-pitched squealing sound. You search for and can't think what you're seeing. humming within the sky above is a fl ying saucer. Its pie tin physique is sizzling purple with blue lighting fl ashing round the edges.

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