The Girls From Alcyone

By Cary Caffrey


Sigrid stood within the heart of what had as soon as been the Academy grounds on Alcyone. Now, all that remained have been the blistered and collapsed remnants of the college and dormitories. Smoke nonetheless wisped up from the blackened piles of lumber and particles. The stench used to be uncooked and acrid, threatening to weigh down her sensors.

"There's no method Independents did this," Christian stated. "It appears like a complete battalion landed here."

Frantic, Sigrid scanned the world back, looking desperately for indicators of the women, yet not anything became up in her sensory modes. She attempted calling out along with her comlink. in the event that they have been in variety, they might decide up the sign. yet there has been nonetheless not anything. no longer even the orbital satellites confirmed any signal of the women, or survivors for that subject. Whoever had performed this were brutal and thorough.

Sigrid knew she may kill them.


Sigrid and Suko are ladies from the impoverished and crime-infested streets of twenty fourth century Earth. bought into slavery to avoid wasting their households from bankruptcy, the women are compelled to dwell out their lives in provider to the Kimura company, a prestigious mercenary extended family with a lineage stretching again lengthy ahead of the formation of the Federated businesses.

Known purely to Kimura, the 2 women proportion startling secret—a infrequent genetic constitution now not present in thousands and thousands of different girls.

But while their mystery turns into recognized, Sigrid and Suko quick locate themselves on the heart of a fight for strength. Now, hunted through males who may search to manage them, Sigrid and Suko are pressured to struggle for his or her personal survival, and for the liberty of the women from Alcyone.

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The stun-round used to be nonetheless caught to her so Sigrid pulled it off, unhooking the little barbs rigorously. Leta used to be nonetheless a bit woozy and so the ladies needed to regular her. She pulled open her blouse the offended welt on her breast. "Bloody good hit me within the boob. " She giggled. Khepri cocked an eyebrow and muttered, "…not like it really is not easy to miss…" Suko elbowed Khepri firmly within the part, forcing a grunt from her. "What? " Leta shook her head to transparent the fog. "Anyway, i am ok. What occurred? " the women informed her of the fellow, how he'd attacked Sigrid, and approximately Jia, and the way they might stumbled on her stabbed to loss of life. "This is insane," Leta acknowledged. "This cannot be a part of the workout. they would not kill us…" A doubting glance unfold over her face. "Would they? " "Fuck it. i am calling for Evac," Suko acknowledged. they might forfeit the workout, and there will be hell to pay, yet none of them have been frightened approximately that anymore. Suko keyed her communications implant—another component to their new bionics. Her eyes shot open in shock. "I—can't get via! Something's jamming me. " Sigrid felt a heavy knot shape in her intestine. "If a persons' jamming our signal…" "Someone does not wish us to get out of here," Leta stated. Khepri shuddered. "What will we do? will we return? " Suko shook her head. "No approach. What if there is extra of those guys—what in the event that they move after the others? we need to cross after them. " Khepri's jaw dropped. "Go after them! With what? Shock-rounds? we do not even understand how many there are. " "Fuck it," Leta stated. "Let's kill 'em all. " "How? the place! " Khepri protested. Suko gave her an organization, yet calming glance. "If a persons' jamming us—if a persons quite after us, then they will opt for the shipment beacon. If they are not, then Jia's group might be there. both method, that is our aim. we need to at the very least try it out. " "Fuck, ya," Leta acknowledged. "Wait," Sigrid stated. "What if this is often one in all Rosa's tricks…? " "Then i'm going to kill him," Suko acknowledged drily. there has been not anything extra to be acknowledged. the ladies accrued their equipment and headed to the objective drop. A dense thicket lay among them and their objective. The 4 women approached the world carefully utilizing all of the tips Rosa had taught them. They complicated quick and in silence, flitting from hide to hide, little greater than shadowy blurs at midnight woods. now not a sprig was once damaged, or a leaf disturbed. forever, they watched their flanks, scanning forward with their thermal and chemical optics for an individual hiding within the underbrush. on the backside of the hill, simply as Suko had anticipated, they discovered the container—guarded via 5 males within the similar eco-friendly uniforms. just like the first guy they would encountered, all of them wore gentle physique armor and hulking night-vision goggles. all the males carried attack rifles. "Shit," Leta stated. Suko checked out Sigrid. "Any signal of Jia's workforce? " Sigrid pulled out the sniper rifle and scanned. She shook her head. "Just those men. " "What are we going to do? " Khepri requested. a well-recognized, decided glance came around Suko's face. "We take those men out. " "With what? " Khepri checked out her weapon in disgust.

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