The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice

By T. K. V. Desikachar

The 1st yoga textual content to stipulate a step by step series for constructing a whole perform in response to viniyoga--yoga tailored to the wishes of the person.

• a latest vintage via a world-renowned instructor.

• This re-creation provides thirty-two poems by means of Krishnamacharya that catch the essence of his teachings.

Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, who lived to be over a hundred years previous, was once one of many maximum yogis of the fashionable period. parts of Krishnamacharya's instructing became popular all over the world throughout the paintings of B. okay. S. Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, and Indra Devi, who all studied with Krishnamacharya. Krishnamacharya's son T. okay. V. Desikachar lived and studied along with his father all his lifestyles and now teaches the total spectrum of Krishnamacharya's yoga. Desikachar has established his procedure on Krishnamacharya's basic proposal of viniyoga, which continues that practices needs to be constantly tailored to the individual's altering must in attaining the utmost healing worth.

In The middle of Yoga Desikachar bargains a distillation of his father's procedure in addition to his personal sensible process, which he describes as "a software for the backbone at each level--physical, psychological, and spiritual." this is often the 1st yoga textual content to stipulate a step by step series for constructing an entire perform in line with the age-old rules of yoga. Desikachar discusses all of the parts of yoga--poses and counterposes, wakeful respiring, meditation, and philosophy--and exhibits how the yoga pupil may perhaps enhance a convention adapted to his or her present nation of overall healthiness, age, profession, and way of life.

This is a revised version of The center of Yoga.

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This can be the sweetness of the area. ŚLOKA sixteen rāgo rogotpattau bījam bhogo rogaprasarana bījam yogo rogacchedakabījam yāhi sudūram rāgāthbogāt hope is the beginning of sickness. hope fulfilled, the ailment spreads, although yoga turns clear of feeding hope. ŚLOKA 17 tyaja dhikkāram mātāpitroh kuru nyakkāram piśune manuje bhaja satkāram bhāvuka boddhari vasa sadgoṣṭhivasatau satatam appreciate mom and dad, stay away from evil, search constantly the corporate of fine, and worship the Lord with religion. ŚLOKA 18 mā kuru ṛṇamapyalpam heyam mā vasa ripuparivāre satatam mākṣipa rogajvalane gātram mā vismara māramaṇam hṛdaye by no means be in debt. by no means stay close to enemies. by no means catch your physique via sickness. always remember the Lord together with his consort who is living within the middle. ŚLOKA 19 jnānaratovā karmaratovā bhaktiratovā sarve lokāḥ sthitvā yoge nahi nahi labhate kāmapi siddham paśya vicitram you could stick to karma, jñana, or bhakti, but when yoga isn't undefined those paths will lead you nowhere. this can be the sweetness of yoga. ŚLOKA 20 ādau pādau tadanu ca janghe paścāduru nābhim hrdayam dhyātvā bāhū sundaravapuṣam sumukham lokaya gokulanātham To meditate on Lord Kṛṣṇa start from His toes, then flow up towards the trunk and the guts. Now meditate on His appealing palms, then stick with the wonderful thing about His shape. ŚLOKA 21 nityābhyasanāt niścalabuddhiḥ satatādhyayanāt medhāsphūrtiḥ śuddhāt dhyānāt abhīṣṭasiddhiḥ santata japataḥ svarūpasiddhiḥ Yoga steadies the brain. Chanting Lord’s prayer offers power and intelligence. Meditation leads to marvels. via mantra japa comes self-realization. ŚLOKA 22 dyumaṇerudayāt prāgevāsana sandhyāpūjana vidhayaḥ kāryāḥ yāme yāme prāṇāyāmān daśa daśa kuryāt āyuvṛddhyai Wake sooner than sunrise and face East to worship the solar. many times do the prāṇāyāma and you'll take pleasure in reliable well-being. ŚLOKA 23 paramita bhojī sucarita yājī dhvastaśarīrakleśo yogī susthiracitto bhagavati viṣṇau ihaiva labhate śāntim paramām practising āsana, consuming reasonably with a solid brain, worshiping the Lord— now śānti overflows. ŚLOKA 24 ādāvāsanapunarāvrtteḥ ādyāvṛttherbhagavaccaraṇau guruvaracaraṇau praṇamya paścāt samadṛkprāṇaḥ samārabheta commence the day via worshiping the toes of God and instructor. Then do āsana and prāṇāyāma, remembering the phrases of the trainer. ŚLOKA 25 yāvān dīrghaḥ kaukṣyo vāyuḥ prayāti bāhyam sūkṣmastadanu tāvānantaḥ praviśati novā matvā manasā samīkuruṣva perform prāṇāyāma with awareness. Then, whilst the breath turns into lengthy and soft, the brain is prepared for meditation. ŚLOKA 26 vada vada satyam vacanam madhuram lokaya lokam snehasupūrṇam mārjaya doṣān dehaprabhavān ārjaya vidyāvinayadhanāni Rid your physique of its impurities, allow your speech be actual and candy, suppose friendship for the area, and with humility search wealth and data. ŚLOKA 27 āsanakaraṇāttarasam sarasam prāṇāyāmat prabalam prāṇam dharaṇasuddham kuru mastiṣkam dhyānāt śuddham ćittam nityam Āsana will make the physique gentle. Prāṇāyāma strengthens prāṇā. Dhāraṇā purifies the mind.

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