The Mysteries of Mithras: The Pagan Belief That Shaped the Christian World

By Payam Nabarz

An outline of Mithraism, the traditional Roman secret faith well known within the Roman Legions

• presents a complete background of Mithraism, together with its impression on Christianity and Islam

• comprises rituals, meditations, and instructing stories for readers who desire to persist with the Mithraic path

• reviews the evolution and divergence of the japanese (Persian) and Western (Roman) varieties of Mithraism

The Mysteries of Mithras provides a revival of the paranormal practices and initiatory method of Mithraism, the traditional Roman secret faith that was once immensely renowned within the Roman Legions from the past due moment century B.C. until eventually A.D. four hundred and was once taken to each nook of the Roman Empire. because the final pagan country faith in Europe, it was once crucial competitor to early Christianity and seriously stimulated Christian doctrine and symbolism. The parallels among Christianity and historical Mithraism are striking--for instance, the god Mithra used to be born of a virgin in a cave on December 25.

Payam Nabarz finds the historical past, origins, and religious and philosophical tenets of Mithraism and its connections to Christianity, Islam, and Freemasonry. He additionally describes the fashionable neo-pagan perform of Mithraism in facts at the present time and for readers who desire to undertake the Mithraic course, he comprises seven of its initiatory rituals and meditations, in addition to orations and educating stories, that open the door to the seven Mithraic grades of passage.

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Who's rapid among the speedy, liberal among the liberal, powerful among the robust, a major of meeting among the chiefs of assemblies; increase-giving, fatness-giving, cattle-giving, sovereignty-giving, son-giving, cheerfulness-giving, and bliss-giving. sixty six. “With whom continue Ashi Vanguhi, and Parendi on her mild chariot, the grim Manly braveness, the bleak kingly Glory, the bleak sovereign Sky, the bleak cursing considered the clever, the bleak Fravashis of the devoted, and he who retains united jointly the various trustworthy worshippers of Mazda. “For his brightness and glory, i'll supply him a sacrifice worthy being heard. . . . XVII. sixty seven. “We sacrifice unto Mithra, the lord of vast pastures, . . . sleepless, and ever unsleeping; “Who drives alongside on his high-wheeled chariot, made from a heavenly substance, from the Karshvare of Arezahi to the Karshvare of Hvaniratha, the intense one; followed by way of the wheel of sovereignty, the distinction made by means of Mazda, and the Victory made by means of Ahura; sixty eight. “Whose chariot is embraced via the good Ashi Vanguhi; to whom the legislations of Mazda opens a fashion, that he may match simply; whom 4 heavenly steeds, white, shining, noticeable afar, beneficent, endowed with wisdom, quickly hold alongside the heavenly house, whereas the cursing considered the clever pushes it ahead; sixty nine. “From whom all of the Daevas unseen and the Varenya fiends flee away in worry. Oh! might we by no means fall around the rush of the indignant lord, who is going and rushes from one thousand aspects opposed to his foe, he, of the 10 thousand spies, the strong, all-knowing, undeceivable god. “For his brightness and glory, i'm going to supply him a sacrifice worthy being heard. . . . XVIII. 70. “We sacrifice unto Mithra, the lord of large pastures, . . . sleepless, and ever wide awake; “Before whom Verethraghna, made through Ahura, runs opposing the foes within the form of a boar, a sharp-toothed he-boar, a sharp-jawed boar, that kills at one stroke, pursuing, wrathful, with a dripping face; powerful, with iron toes, iron fore-paws, iron guns, an iron tail, and iron jaws; seventy one. “Who, eagerly clinging to the fleeing foe, besides Manly braveness, smites the foe in conflict, and doesn't imagine he has smitten him, nor does he give some thought to it a blow until eventually he has smitten away the marrow and the column of lifestyles, the marrow and the spring of life. seventy two. “He cuts all of the limbs to items, and mingles, including the earth, the bones, hair, brains, and blood of the boys who've lied unto Mithra. “For his brightness and glory, we provide him a sacrifice worthy being heard. . . . XIX. seventy three. “We sacrifice unto Mithra, the lord of huge pastures, . . . sleepless, and ever unsleeping; “Who, with fingers lifted up, rejoicing, cries out, conversing hence: seventy four. “O Ahura Mazda, such a lot beneficent spirit! Maker of the fabric global, thou Holy One! “‘If males might worship me with a sacrifice during which I have been invoked by means of my very own identify, as they worship the opposite gods with sacrifices during which they're invoked by way of their very own names, then I may still come to the trustworthy on the appointed time; I may still are available the appointed time of my attractive, immortal lifestyles.

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