The Phoenix Exultant (Golden Age, Book 2)

By John C. Wright

The Phoenix Exultant is a continuation of the tale began within the Golden Age and prefer it, a grand house opera within the culture of Jack Vance and Roger Zelazny (with a slightly of Cordwainer Smith-style invention).

At the belief of the 1st publication, Phaethon of Radamanthus residence, was once left an exile from his lifetime of strength and privilege. Now he embarks upon a quest around the remodeled sunlight system--Jupiter is a moment sunlight, Mars and Venus terraformed, humanity immortal--among people, clever machines, and peculiar existence varieties, to get better his reminiscence, to regain his position in society and to maneuver that society clear of stagnation and towards the celebs. And so much of all Phaethon's quest is to regain possession of the really good starship, the Phoenix Exultant, the main tremendous send ever equipped, and fly her to the stars.

The Phoenix Exultantis an surprising tale of tremendous technology, an exhilarating ask yourself tale that recaptures the verve of SF's golden age writers it's a definitely grand and stirring achievement of the promise proven within the Golden Age and confirms John C. Wright as an immense new expertise within the box. He concludes the Golden Age trilogy within the Golden Transcendence.

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And so it used to be with significant shock that Phaethon observed his slate remove darkness from with a answer sooner than even part an hour had passed by. Daughter-of-the-Sea should have reconstructed a part of her recognition, or assigned a unique flock of concept vendors, to take care of near-standard time charges only for his sake, in case he should still name. He was once touched. the answer used to be radiating within the type of inaudible pulses from a gaggle of scientific trees and vines clinging to the southern cliff shore. the interpretation ran: “Anguish is usually more than the phrases we use to trap it. am i able to try to exhibit my soul unblamed? What are your options yet little lighting, glinting in via the entire stained-glass panes of phrases, burning within the loneliness of your one cranium? and also you may have me solid such mild as that towards eyes of blind Neptunians. the place is coin adequate to burn in the Pharos of such excessive wish, that i would make a bonfire even giants envy, and solid so vibrant a beam throughout so large an evening? And to what finish? good fortune shall assemble Phaethon to heaven, to fight with silent monsters within the extensive star-interrupted darkish; or failure pull down Phaethon right into a lonely pauper’s tomb underneath a few anonymous stone. In both destiny, shiny Phaethon departs, all his fireplace misplaced, to go away me, Daughter-of-the-Sea, back in distress and solitude in this frail, saccharine, spiritless, thin-winded, green-toned global I so despise. ” Phaethon frowned. fight with silent monsters in the dead of night? Did Daughter-of-the-Sea count on Phaethon to behavior a few type of struggle with no matter what have been left of the second one Oecumene? possibly those “silent monsters” have been a metaphor for a number of the forces of inanimate nature with which any engineer needs to fight as he builds. irrespective of. you possibly can no longer anticipate to appreciate every thing even humans of one’s personal neuroform intended to claim. yet he understood the thrust of the message. Daughter-of-the-Sea desired to recognize what was once within the deal for her. Phaethon had the translator solid his answer within the related florid temper and metaphor as hers: “I will create for you, out of a few rock or cometary mass circling Deneb or a long way Arcturus, a global to be the bridegroom of your satisfaction. All will likely be as your wants say. The indignant clouds of long-lost Venus shall boil back with the drench of stinking sulfur in that a long way world’s surroundings, and not want you breathe this skinny and listless air of Earth back. Tumultuous volcano-scapes shall flood a trembling floor, massive as any laughter of a god inside of your ears, and once again shall you watch as hurricanes of acid pour in flame from ponderous black skies of poison into reeking seas of molten tin. you can be embodied like you as soon as have been on Venus, Venus as she was once goodbye in the past! And veneric organs and adaptions (which locate no different position or goal, outdated Venus misplaced) now shall bloom from you back, to yield to you these sizzling, unusual, robust sensations, unknown to any Earthlike eyes, these sensual impressions that your stories so faintly echo. Come! relief me now! And as soon as the Phoenix Exultant is mine back, she shall nest in the circle of the Galaxy, and brood, as her younger, 1000 shining worlds.

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