The Properties of Gases and Liquids

By Bruce E. Poling

Must-have reference for procedures concerning beverages, gases, and combos

acquire the time-saving, mistake-avoiding merits loved via millions of chemical and approach layout engineers, examine scientists, and educators. houses of Gases and beverages, 5th version, is an all-inclusive, severe survey of the main trustworthy estimating equipment in use at the present time --now thoroughly rewritten and reorganized through Bruce Poling, John Prausnitz, and John O’Connell to mirror each late-breaking improvement. You get on-the-spot info for estimating either actual and thermodynamic homes within the absence of experimental information with this estate information financial institution of six hundred+ compound constants. Bridge the distance among thought and perform with this relied on, irreplaceable, and expert-authored specialist advisor -- the single ebook that features a serious research of current tools in addition to hands-on sensible thoughts. parts coated comprise natural part constants; thermodynamic homes of perfect gases, natural elements and combinations; pressure-volume-temperature relationships; vapor pressures and enthalpies of vaporization of natural fluids; fluid section equilibria in multicomponent platforms; viscosity; thermal conductivity; diffusion coefficients; and floor tension.

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