The Science of the Rishis: The Spiritual and Material Discoveries of the Ancient Sages of India

A whole creation to Sanatana Dharma, the non secular technology of the Hindu sages

• Examines what percentage middle strategies of Hinduism, together with Brahman, Atman, bhakti, karma, and reincarnation, relate to trendy technological know-how

• Explores the clinical discoveries of the rishis, historical Vedic sages, and the way they've got just recently been rediscovered via Western scientists

• finds the options of quantum physics hidden in the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and the Puranas

Called “the scientists of Hinduism,” the rishis of historic India have been the scribes of the Vedas. They built the religious technological know-how of Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma, as their approach of making sure the consistent renewal and growth of India’s religious culture and tradition. Sanatana Dharma permeates each element of Hindu tradition, from faith to the humanities to the sciences. Woven inside its Vedic texts lie all the crucial options of quantum physics and different sleek medical discoveries.

Providing an entire creation to the technological know-how of Sanatana Dharma, Vanamali unearths how the middle techniques of Hinduism, together with Brahman, Atman, bhakti, karma, and reincarnation, relate to fashionable technological know-how and the way the medical discoveries of the traditional rishis were lately rediscovered by way of the West. She examines the medical ideas in the vintage tales and texts of India, together with the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and the Puranas. in the teachings of the traditional Puranic sages and saints comparable to Valmiki and Vyasa and mythical physicians and mathematician-philosophers akin to Aryabhatta and Varahamihir, the writer unearths nice medical truths--not these believed via the traditional international, yet truths nonetheless upheld by means of glossy technology, really quantum physics. She explores Desha and Kaala (Space and Time), Shankara and his philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, and the Hindu sciences of arithmetic, astronomy, and Vedic astrology.

In illustrating the medical foundation of Hinduism and the discoveries of its sages, Vanamali offers a window into the depths of this such a lot historical non secular lifestyle.

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Those 3 phrases, apah, prana, and akasa, characterize the 3 sub-states of the one kingdom identified in quantum physics as “the box. ” The subtlest country of the sector is called apah, or primal waters. the following nation is prana, and eventually comes akasa. smooth technology has now not differentiated those 3 as but. the sphere which include those 3 sophisticated states is stuffed with task. debris and antiparticles are made out of it and time and again they merge again into it. The universe expands as a result growth of the sector. based on the Upanishads, gaseous subject (vayu) used to be made out of akasa. Vayu is usually translated as “air” within the earth’s surroundings yet at the moment the earth had now not come into being, so what was once intended by way of vayu was once gaseous topic. From akasa got here vayu, the resource of hydrogen, the easiest of all gases. as a result of compression of hydrogen, warmth used to be produced and this warmth liquefied the gasoline. those strategies were defined within the Upanishads as agni (fire) being made out of vayu (gas), and apah (liquid) being produced as a result of heating of the gaseous topic. during billions of years, the outside components of the planetary sphere grew to become solidified. The note utilized in the scriptures for this phenomenon is prithvi. during time, those phrases have come to have varied meanings and check with the pancha bhutas (five elements), which compose the cloth international: akasa or vyoma for house, from which got here vayu or air, after which agni or tejas, that's warmth power or fireplace, from which got here apas or water, and eventually prithvi (earth) or stable topic. in response to Hinduism, production is cyclical and never linear as within the West. each manifestation is preceded via a interval while every thing is unmanifest. ahead of each manifestation, the universe is in all probability existent in maya. So the massive bang that scientists have saw is just one in a sequence of massive bangs. the entire happenings which were defined the following will happen with each mammoth bang. on the acceptable time every one production will finish its cycle of life and revert to its causal brokers, and then it is going to take place once more in one other huge bang. Maya has 3 components referred to as gunas: sattva, rajas, and tamas. In physics those 3 are often called concord, kinesis, and inertia. The methods of construction (srishti), maintenance (sthiti), and dissolution (pralaya) can't ensue while the 3 gunas of maya are in a nation of equilibrium. so long as those 3 are in stability, construction is at leisure. whilst the time comes for one more manifestation, a ripple transmitted via Brahman appears to be like within the nonetheless waters of maya. This vibration is within the type of a valid, Aum. From this primary sound the full universe of names and kinds is manifested. The dormant, capability, unmanifest universe turns into take place whilst rajas or the standard of kinesis comes into prominence. The renovation of the universe in its manifested kingdom is carried on through the degree within which sattva is important. while tamas turns into primary, the method of dissolution turns into operative.

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