Yoga Gems: A Treasury of Practical and Spiritual Wisdom from Ancient and Modern Masters

This is an inspirational and obtainable advent to the deep internal knowledge of yoga amassed from resources either old and sleek through considered one of America’s most beneficial yoga scholars.


For the thousands of american citizens who now perform yoga frequently, this is the correct advent to the wealthy philosophical and non secular culture in the back of the routines.

George Feuerstein has drawn brief, memorable quotations from the major texts of this five-thousand-year-old legacy, with an emphasis at the knowledge of contemporary yoga masters.The quotations were chosen and organized to deal with the wishes of yoga practitioners within the twenty-first century.

Among the numerous issues touched on during this treasure of a e-book: the method of internal development; the worth of silence; tips to meditate; the way to infuse daily life with pleasure; common kinship; overcoming soreness; facing grief, loss, anger, and jealousy; remembering and cultivating one’s precise internal self; constructing strength of will; and bringing out the great in all you assert and do.

For either new and skilled yoga scholars alike, Yoga Gems is the suitable commute significant other at the highway to internal peace.

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That loves exists inside of all, and will be skilled whilst the brain isn't any longer dissipated via the ego and the gadgets of the senses. while the spark of that love is ignited, it may create a burning wish to event union with absolutely the. That flame is in a position to burning away the entire little wishes of existence, until eventually just one flame exists—the flame of devotion that burns forever within the chamber of the guts. —Bhole Prabhu DEVOTION Like a cloud drifting within the sky, Devotion pours down showers of bliss. He whose brain will get crammed like a reservoir reaps the total fruit of his start, none different. —Shankara WHO LOVES THE LORD? whether one lives on the planet, one needs to move into solitude from time to time. will probably be of significant aid to a guy if he is going clear of his relatives, lives by myself, and weeps for God even for 3 days. whether he thinks of God for at some point in solitude, whilst he has the rest, that too will do him solid. humans shed a complete jug of tears for spouse and youngsters. yet who cries for the Lord? —Sri Ramakrishna real love TRANSFORMS the top figuring out of affection lies in its strength to remodel lives, repair health and wellbeing, and produce a couple of experience of overall wellbeing and fitness. it's the different finish of the spectrum that is directed by means of desire—the constrained, gotten smaller kind of love—that has a enormously damaging capability. —Swami Chetanananda emerging ABOVE intercourse you'll want to upward thrust above sex—not strive against with it, yet upward push above it. simply because, in the event you wouldn't have an total focused urge or ambition in existence, then the clamour of those little senses turns into an outstanding din on your lifestyles. Your lifestyles will consistently be lower than that clamour. yet, when you have acquired an overpowering urge for anything else, then this clamour doesn't succeed in you in any respect, since you are too busy enticing all of your cognizance in another course. —Swami Chidananda THE LANGUAGE of affection the main historical language on the planet is the language of affection. This language does not lie or deceive or distort the area, in contrast to the opposite languages we use for manners or politeness. The phrases of different languages develop into empty; these empty phrases have nor middle or love. —Swami Rama LOVE AND NONATTACHMENT With love there is not any painful response; love brings just a response of bliss. If it doesn't, it's not love; it's a mistaking of whatever else for romance. in case you have succeeded in loving your husband, your spouse, your kids, the area, the complete universe, in this kind of demeanour that there's no response of soreness or jealousy, no egocentric feeling, then you definitely are in a healthy kingdom to be unattached…. to achieve this nonattachment is sort of a life-work; yet once we've reached this element we now have attained the objective of affection and turn into unfastened. —Swami Vivekananda CHASTE LOVE there's just one approach to be chaste if chastity isn't really to be damaging, and that's, to like deeply. —Lewis Thompson 15 nice REALIZATIONS IN SMALL issues Yogis and yoginis regard lifestyles as a faculty. The crucial lesson that we're anticipated to profit is that we're the similar One, the singular Being-Consciousness-Bliss, that's referred to as at-man or brahman within the Sanskrit language.

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