Yoga: Mastering the Secrets of Matter and the Universe

In accordance with unique Sanskrit resources, this publication supplies an genuine account of the equipment of yoga in its varied types, together with the not easy "left-hand" paths, in addition to practices most suitable to Western scholars.

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301. Shiva Samhitâ five, 12-13. 302. Yoga Darshana 1, 30. 303. Yoga Darshana 1, 31. 304. Yoga Vasishtha. 305. Shiva Samhitâ three, 36-38. 306. Trish. Brah. Up. 56-57. 307. Yoga Chudamani Up. 1, 14. 308. Trish. Brah. Up. 58-59. 309. Trish. Brâh. Up. 60-62. 310. Yoga Chudâmani Up. 27-28. 311. Trish. Brâh. Up. 62-65. 312. Shiva Samhitâ five, seventy seven. 313. Shiva Samhitâ five, seventy eight. 314. Shiva Samhitâ. 315. Trish. Brâh. Up. 67-76. 316. Trishikhi Brâhmana Upanishad. 317. identification. 318. Jâbâla Upanishad. 319. Sanmohana Tantra. additionally quoted within the observation of the Shat chakra Nirupanam, 1. 320. Trishikhi Brâhmana Upanishad. 77-79 321. Trishikhi Brâhmana Upanishad. 79-87 322. Amrita Nâda Up. 35-37. 323. Shiva Samhitâ five, eighty three. 324. Quoted in Kalyâna. 325. Shiva Samhitâ five, 84-86. 326. Shiva Samhitâ five, 98-99. 327. Shiva Samhitâ five, 104-105. 328. Shiva Samhitâ five, 106-108. 329. Shiva Samhitâ five, 109. 330. Shiva Samhitâ five, a hundred and ten. 331. Shiva Samhitâ five, 111. 332. Shiva Samhitâ five, 112. 333. ide three, 2. 334. Shiva Samhitâ five, 116. 335. Shiva Samhitâ five, 117. 336. Shiva Samhitâ five, 118. 337. Shiva Samhitâ five, one hundred twenty five. 338. Shiva Samhitâ 122-123. 339. Shiva Samhitâ five, 138. 340. ide five, 139-41. 341. ide five, 146. 342. Shiva Samhitâ five, 146-149. 343. Shiva Samhitâ five, one hundred fifty. 344. Sanmohana Tantra. 345. Bhuta Shuddhi; quoted in Shat-chakra—Nirupanam, comm. on forty. 346. Shiva Samhitâ five, 186-187. 347. Shiva Samhitâ five, 189. 348. ide five, a hundred ninety. 349. ide five, 191. 350. ide five, 192-193. 351. Shiva Samhitâ. 352. identity. Footnotes *1. Smoking hemp is forbidden in yoga, when you consider that this custom interferes with the respiration services. *2. whilst referring merely to the activities of the breath, the chilly air breathed in is spoken of as Prâna Vâyu, and the nice and cozy air breathed out as Apana Vâyu. *3. The Upanishads, even though, converse of ten abstinences. "The ten abstinences are non-violence, fact, non-stealing, chastity, kindness, rectitude, forgiveness, patience, temperance in meals, and purity. " 37 *4. The notice "brahmacharya" can be outlined as "Wandering within the everlasting knowledge, the Veda" (Brahma if that's the case capability Veda), that's, directing one's strength of delight now not towards the gadgets of the senses, yet towards the joy of data. *5. The Varaha Upanishad, Ghéranda Samhita, Laya Yoga, and so forth. , identify ten observances: "Austerity, Contentment, religion, Charity, Divine worship, hearing metaphysical teachings (Vedanta), Modesty, Intelligence, Recitation of airtight formulae (japa), and Observance of evidence. " **6. "Whether he be natural or impure, in any conditions, he whose strategies are closely set at the Lotus-Eyed (Vishnu) is purified inwardly and outwardly. " *7. See the bankruptcy at the Six Purificatory Acts. *8. clarified butter *9. Tri-phala-water is a decoction made of the dried end result of the 3 Myrobolam bushes boiled jointly in water. *10. The note "apâna," which means "undrunk" or "unbreathed" air, has an intentional twin which means in yoga. It refers either to the exterior air no longer but breathed in and to the excretory strength which drives digested aliments on their downward path. The union of prâna—the important breath—and apâna for this reason occasionally ability the combo of the respiring with the excretory energies.

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